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Replies to This Discussion

 REVOKE is a ______________ statement.

  • Data definition
  • Control access
  • Data manipulation 

control access

__________ User Interface is preferred over ________ User Interface with respect to user.

  • Easy to understand, efficient
  • Hard to understand, efficient
  • Easy to understand, effective
  • Hard to understand, effective
  • Easy to understand, effective

Truncate is an alternative of Delete command.

  • True
  • False
  • True

Consider the two relations, Supplier (S_no, S_name, Contact_No, Address) and Supply (S_no, Item_no). Which of the following

statements give(s) a list of supplier names supplying the item with Item_no ‘555’?


  • SELECT S_name FROM Supplier WHERE Item_no=’555’ 
  • SELECT S_name FROM Supplier, Supply WHERE Supplier.S_no=Supply.S_no AND Item_no=’555’ 
  • SELECT S_name FROM Supplier WHERE S_no EXISTS (SELECT S_no FROM Supply WHERE Item_no=’555’) 
  • SELECT S_name FROM Supplier WHERE S_name EXISTS (SELECT S_name FROM Supply WHERE Item_no='555')
  • SELECT S_name FROM Supplier WHERE Item_no=’555’ 

GRANT is a ______________ Command.

  • DDL
  • DML
  • DCL
  • None of given 
  • None of given 

ACCESS CONTROL SQL-92 supports access control through the GRANT and REVOKE commands. The GRANT command gives users privileges to base tables and views.

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