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Kindly share your current mid-term paper of CS403 Database Management Systems in this Discussion...

Thanks and best of luck to All

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If anyone has appeared in CS-403 mid term paper today, kindly share the subjective questions here, and general statement about MCQ, whether from past papers or not?

Thanks and best of luck to all...

One of my friend...had CS-403 paper today...

2Q---2 marks
and 2Q---5marks

20 mcqs and 6 subjective

1. Normalization ky question ay ty subjective ma; tables diy ty aur batana tha kis normal form ma han aur split karna tha next form main..

2. Aik sutiation di thi us ma ER diagram banani thi

3. domain attribute ka aik 2 marks ka question tha

4. 2 names batany ty anomalies ky

and mcqs kuch files ma sy ty jo ning par ha

Any1 else who has attempted CS-403 quiz today...kindly share subjective questions in the forum...thanks...

tnx dear

Jst 2 or 3 mcqs moaaz file se thy, subjective ka koi b question match nae kr rha tha kisi b past ppr se…
1. 1 question was related to constraints of foreign nd primary key
2. ek qu maping se related tha
3. ek scenario given tha jis k mutabik btana tha k is mai complete disjoint,partial ya overlap rule mai se kon sa use hua ha aur phr explanation deni the.
4. ek scenario normalization se related tha jis mai btana tha k kon c normal form use hoe ha nd explain krna tha k how?
5. ek mathematical relation se tha
6. last wala na mjhy smjh aya na kia aur na e yad ha….

Thanks Sumaira...and wish you best of luck...

Column A Column B
1 Schema A Binary Operation
2 relational algebra B select operation
3 greek letter |``| pie type tha yahin tag nai ho raha C project operation
4 D
5 E

Q2what is difference between select operator and project operator
Q3senario : in a govt hospital .. patient .. nurses .. pura paragraph tha ..aur sirf entities maloom karni thi
Q4digram thi .and find out forign key
Q5 find out the cardinality and degree from the given table
4 column thy so degree =4
and 5 rows thi so cardinality = 5

thanks all friends

dear friends kindly sath ye bhi likhen kh konsy lecture main say questins aa rahe hain(mean page no or lecture)

Thanks Umer!!! 

Total Question 26

20 were mcqz 50% from past paper and 6 subjective were as below;

Q: 01 How many Resultant tables we have, while implementing one-to-one relationship in designing database? 2 Marks

Q: 02 As we know, Software is of two major types.

  • System Software
  • Application Software

Write short names, which can be used to encode/compress for each type of Software mention above? 2 Marks

Q: 03 Which of the attributes(s) from the given diagram is/are best candidate for multi-valued attribute? 3 Marks

Q: 04 Relational algebra se related question tha table diya tha or 1 equation di thi jis k mutabiq us table ko explain krna tha? 3 Marks

Q: 05 Suppose we have two entities involved in a relationship, Entities are A and B. Entity A and B are in one-to-many relationship.

@ What would be the general rule for mapping A and B entity into relation? 5 Marks

A. what would be the constraint on foreign key, if;

  1. Minimum Cardinality = 0
  2. Minimum Cardinality = 1

Q: 06 I’ve forgot

 Best of luck to all students


One question was to find entities from the given scenario.

One was to identify the relation in a particular form and to give reason to justify the answer.

In one question it was ask to convert the relation in next normal form.

One question was from relational model.

For MCQZ do prepare KEYs related concepts, Functional dependencies, types of relationships & constraints

>>constraints enforces entity integrity

>>relationship exists between Grade and Student entities


Best of Luck!


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