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Assignment No. 01
Semester: Fall 2017

CS407: Routing and Switching

Total Marks: 30


Due Date:  29-NOV-2017



Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The assignment is not in the required format. Acceptable solution format for this assignment is  *.doc , *.pkt , *.zip , *.rar.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
  • Assignment is copied(partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc)
  • Assignment sent by email will not be accepted.



The objective of this assignment is to;


§  Understand IP addressing, subneting and subnet planning.

§  Understand static, default and dynamic routing.

§  Understand the concept of route summarization.

§  Using packet tracer to configure basic routing functionalities.

§  In order to solve this assignment you should have studied the lectures 1-14.




1.      This assignment contains 5 pages and 3 questions.

2.      You will be required to install Cisco Packet Tracer to solve this assignment.

3.      You must write your solution using this file. Use of any other file may lead to rejection of submission.







An organization has been allocated a block of IPv4 addresses. If one of the IP address and subnet mask are given as  


Host IP Address:

Subnet Mask:


Find out the followings:

1.      No. of subnet bits:

2.      No. of subnets created:

3.      No. of host bits per subnet:

4.      No. of host per subnet:

5.      Network address of this subnet:

6.      IPv4 address of first host on this subnet:

7.      IPv4 address of last host on this subnet:

8.      IPv4  broadcast address on this subnet:













Carefully look at the following   directly connected routes on a cisco router running ripv2.



1.      What will be the summary route advertised by cisco router by default?


2.      How many routes will be advertised if auto-summarization is disabled?


3.      How many summary routes are required to avoid irrelevant traffic if the maximum allowable routes to summarize are 4?


4.      You need to enlist all such summary routes?












On cisco router you can advertise a summary route with command “ip summary-address <routingProtocol>  < subnet mask>” command and no auto-summarization  under router configuration. Look at the following simple network and configure it as described below.




·         Build a network as shown in above topology using cisco packet tracer tool.


·         Configure 14 loopback interfaces on R1 with first IP addresses from the routes in Question 1. Advertise first two of your summary routes to R2 and second two summary routes to R3. Rest of routes should not be advertised.


·         Use necessary version of routing protocol.


·         Send a snapshot of following commands on PC4


o   traceroute

o   traceroute

o   traceroute

o   traceroute

o   traceroute

o   All  routes should not be the same.







·        After completing all configurations, you need to save as the file CS407-AS1- VUID.pkt. Submit the file with .pkt extension on VULMS within the due date.


Be of

Best of Luck t




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