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Assignment no. 1 of CS411 uploaded ......Due date to upload solutions is 24-11-2015 (November 24, 2015).

Visual Programming (CS411)

Assignment # 1 (GRADED)

Total marks = 20

                                                                                       Deadline Date = 24/11/2015

Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting the assignment.

Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment would not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
  • The assignment is copied. Note that strict action would be taken if the submitted assignment is copied from any other student. Both students will be punished severely.


1)      You should consult recommended books to clarify your concepts as handouts are not sufficient.

2)      You are supposed to submit your complete solution project as a single file (i. e. zip or RAR). Anyother formats like scan images, PDF, bmp, docx etc. will not be accepted.

3)      You are advised to upload your assignment at least two days before Due date.

4)      This assignment file comprises of Four (04) pages.


Important Note:

Assignment comprises of 20 Marks. Note that no assignment will be accepted after due date via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or emergency electric failure or internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence, refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour of the deadline, and try to upload Solutions at least 02 days before the deadline to avoid inconvenience later on.

For any query please contact: CS411@vu.edu.pk




Write a console application in C# with following requirements:

Program Design Requirements:

It should declare a namespace with name same as your Roll no (e.g. if you roll no is “bc000000000” it should declare namespace with name “bc000000000”)

In the above namespace, it should declare a class with the same name (i.e. name of class should be same as your Roll no)

Class should contain a “Verify” method, which should accept a string i.e. roll numberinput from user is passed as argument to this method. Method will verify if it is valid roll number or not. If roll number is valid, method should return “true” otherwise “false”. To verify the roll number, you can declare a string variable in class and initialize with your actual roll number (“verify” method will then compare value of variable in class with that input by user).

Main Function should create object of your class and take student roll number as input from user on console. After this, main program should send this input to “Verify” method to verify input roll number. On the basis of “true/false” value returned by “verify” method, main program should display valid or invalid roll no message.

Output Design Requirements:

Program should:

Display your Welcome note student number at top

Prompt to input your roll number

If valid roll no is entered, it should display the message “You have entered Valid roll number”

On the other hand if invalid roll number is entered, it should display the message “you entered an invalid roll number”.

Please refer to the output snapshots given on next page:

Note: Roll number should be your own student roll number and not any fakes one.  You can use String data type to manipulate roll number.


Note that welcome note and student roll number is displayed at the top and input message is prompted:

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Replies to This Discussion

wajid mushkil sy krni hai :P 

rename your files as showing in shared file may be your are copy pasting it in your project.

to zip file you should go to documents/visual studio/project/yourprojectname

you have to zip that folder "yourprojectname"

Brother i compile this code its working but when i enter Roll id its stop on there in code what problem can any one help me

throw new NotImplementedException("String message");

meray pass visual studio 2013 ka version hai is py he bana lo kya ya 2010 ka instal karo

here is complete solution just replace vuid with ur id

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace vuid
class vuid
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine("\t\t\t Well Come To My Assignment");
Console.WriteLine("\t\t\t\t vuid");
vuid me = new vuid();

string id;

Console.WriteLine("Enter Your Roll NO :");
id = Console.ReadLine();

if (me.Varify(id) == true)
Console.WriteLine("Your entered id is valid");
Console.WriteLine("Your entered id is invalid");

public Boolean Varify(string idPut)

string rollNo = "vuid";

if (idPut.Equals(rollNo))
return true;


return false;


// Console.ReadKey();


thanks alot sir.it is so helpful

main jab project ko run karta ho tu ye error day rha hai plz guide me kya karo


ap ny ye error kesy remove kiy hn

thanks God finally after hard struggle i complete my first assigenment.

Note for All Members: You don’t need to go any other site for this assignment/GDB/Online Quiz solution, Because All discussed data of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.


koi bata dy visual stidio ma code lihkny ky bad run kasa sa hu gy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

koi bata dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Choose the F5 key.
On the menu bar, choose Debug, Start Debugging.
On the toolbar, choose the Start Debugging button, which appears as follows.


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