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CS411 Current Mid Term Papers & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 23 TO 9 July 2018

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about 2 MCQs were new other past sy thy

File bhaij rha hoon MCQs k liay 

All in 1 file hy sab Past papers ki aour quizes ki


Todays paper

  • Name the read-only properties of size FrameworkElement. (3M)



  • make a button in xaml with foreground yellow .write comlete coding. (3M)
  • Corretion of code yi code ghalat dia hua tha(5M)


 #include <iostream> #include <fstream>


Int main() {   Char a = '-', b;   Do {     If (iskeyboardpressed()) {       B = std::cin.get();       Std::cout b std::endl;     }     Std::ifstream f("test.txt", std::ifstream::in);     If (f.good() && a != f.peek()) {       A = f.get();       Std::cout a std::endl;     }     F.close();   } while (a!='x' && b!='x');   Return 0; }

  • correction of code yi code ghalat dia hua tha(5M) 

using System; class Program { static void Main() { while (true) // Loop indefinitely

{ Console.WriteLine("Enter input:"); // Prompt string line = Console.ReadLine(); // Get string from user if (line == "exit") // Check string { break; } // Write the string to a file. { System.IO.StreamWriter file = new System.IO.StreamWriter("c:\\student.txt"); file.WriteLine(lines); } file.Close();

  • aik write-only file ka code likhna (5M)

or msqs old papers main aai thy

Cs411 mid current paper
1)Which statement is used to enumerate each value repeatedly
2)Name the Properties Supported by Scale Transform, write their default values?
3)write the code that takes the string from the user and convert the color or string in to yellow.
4)write a code of button which change the color of the mouse click event. 
Public enum color{red, blue, yellow, green}
a. The button code is written in XML
b. Use for each statement to enum color
5) Will the given code is executed or not. If yes write the output of the code. If not, correct the error. And give the reason why not execute.

Today my paper of cs411:
all mcqs from from past papers. these ar all here...
1. Stream readers read by
line by line, word by word, in chunk, none of them
2. true statement about clause
3. when any variable declare as 
static, public, private..

4. grabs the ok button 

5. xaml attach the project >partial, system, machine dependancy...
6. if we require to set components in table column and row format 
stack, dockpanel, grid none
7. Routed events are like, > properties, dependancy, layer etc.
8..true statement about interface

9..due to ... assemblies
metadata, events, etc
10. is fastest reader as xmldoc
xmlreadrer, xpath, none


1..5 marsk.. output likhni thi..
int n=7:


for(int j=1;j<i; j=j*2);





2.. 5 marsk

Overflow problem in built in panel, and how can fix it?

3. write xml code with three items.
computer, programing, data

print this in double qoutes 
"Welcome" to cs411

JzakAllah kher.. Allah sb ko is buk m pass kre... 


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