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Graded Quiz No. 2

Dear Students,

A Graded Quiz No. 2 of CS411 (Visual) will be opened for two days only. You can attempt this quiz from Wednesday, 12th February 2020 to Thursday, 13th February 2020. The quiz will be from Lecture # 30 to Lecture # 43. The quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions. It will be opened for 48 hours.

All the instructions for solving will be there in Quiz interface. Kindly make sure, you have read the instructions before attempting Quiz.

If any student failed to attempt the quiz in a given time, then no re-take or offline quiz will be held.

Best of Luck!

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Replies to This Discussion

  1. DOM is a ___________ representation of data. CS411


  1. Tree
  2. Graphical
  3. Object
  4. None of the given


  1. Which of the following "Event" property is used to show the "distance (in pixels)" of the mouse pointer from top edge of the browser window?


  1. Screen X
  2. Screen y
  3. Page X
  4. Page y


  1. Which of the following is correct way to temporarily stop execution of a thread object named as "myThread" for 500 milisec?


  1. Sleep(0.05);
  2. Stop(0.05);
  3. Sleep(500);
  4. Stop(500);


  1. HTML is a ________helper function.


  1. RQuery
  2. Browser
  3. jQuery
  4. JS


  1. While dealing with "threads" in ".Net", one can avoid performance bottlenecks and enhance the overall responsiveness of his / her application by using _____________ programming.


  1. Multithreading Programming
  2. Synchronous Programming
  3. Asynchronous Programming
  4. Parallel Programming


  1. XBAPs are suited for relatively full-featured applications that:


  1. Run on desktop
  2. Happen to be hosted directly in a web browser
  3. Require .Net framework
  4. None of the given option


  1. "Binding" technique binds two properties together and keeps a _________________ open.


  1. Memory location
  2. Selection
  3. Choice
  4. Communication Channel



  1. Which one of the following is used, if we want to add a window resource in procedural code?


  1. Resource.Add ();
  2. Resoruces.Add();
  3. < Window.Resoruces ></ Window.Resoruces>
  4. < Windows.Resoruce ></ Windows.Resoruce>


  1. __________ are high order functions that compose, combine, or otherwise modify functions in useful and interesting ways.


  1. Combinators
  2. Separators
  3. Modifiers
  4. None of the given


  1. Which of the following is not a "JQuery" filter?


  1. Even
  2. Odd
  3. Has
  4. Write


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