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Quiz correct answers

-EPROM chips have quartz windows and by applying ultraviolet light erase

-In Ripple Carry Adder circuit, we feed carry out from the previous stage to the next stage and so on

-Computer Bus is an electrical pathway through which the processor communicates with the internal and external devices attached to the computer.

-Multiple copies of the same data can exist in memory hierarchy simultaneously. The Cache needs updating mechanism to prevent old data values from being used. This is the

problem of cache coherence.

-Dirty bit is a status bit which indicates whether the block in cache is dirty (it has been modified)  (not modified)

-M Bits form the branch address field in the micro instruction

-A software routine performed when an interrupt is received by the computer is called as Interrupt handler

-Interrupt vector is the  stores the address of the first instruction of the ISR.

-Temporal Locality refers to the fact that once a particular data item is accessed, it is likely that it will be referenced again within a short period of time.

-The directive .db can be used to reserve bytes in memory.

-The directive .equ is used to define variables

-.sw directive, it is possible to store a constant or the value of a name in the memory.

All questions were from handouts totally and even the statements were exactly the same as in handouts. So best of luck 

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quiz is so easy

Please all students related this subject Share your online Quizzes here to help each other.thanks


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