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CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Current Mid Term Papers May 2011, (Spring 2011)

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Total 26 Questions from which 20 is MCQ and 2 Question of 2 marks and 2 of 3 marks and remaining 2 of 5 marks.

What is the instruction length of the SRC processor?


   8 bits

 16 bits

 32 bits

 64 bits

Which one of the following is the memory organization of FALCON-E



 28 * 8 bits

 216 * 8 bits

 232 * 8 bits

 264 * 8 bits

________ operation is required to change the processor’s state to a known, defined value.





 None of the given

There are _________ types of reset operations in SRC






_____________ controller controls the sequence of the flow of microinstructions.





 None of the given


There are remaining mcq’s mostly from instructions working.

Subjective Question:


How can you define microprogram?    (2 Marks)

A question about to define the shift right instruction? (2 Marks)

What is the utility of reset operation and when it is required?  (3 Marks)

Structural RTL instructions definition? (3 Marks)

Write the Structural RTL description for un-conditional jump instruction for

uni-bus data path implementation.   (5 Marks)

Define two hazard in pipelining and how can to overcome these. (5 Marks)

Q no 1 
Define Control unit. (2 marks) 
Q no 2 
How can you define Microprogram (2 marks) 
Q no 3 
Instruction fetch say tha yad nahin (3 marks) 
rel Ra 
Q no 4 
what is the utility of reset operation when it is required (3 marks) 

Q no5 

what are the types of SRC?Name them? also explain its format? (5 marks) 

Q no 6 
yad nahin muggar uni- bus say related tha (5 marks)

My today Paper of cs501


Mostly mcqs were from the file which is attached here must prepare it .

And here is the subjective portion


  1. What is relation b/w data path and control unit in SRC processors…….2marks
  2. Define Pre-fetching……….2marks
  3. Write the structural RTL for “ in ra, rb” ……….3marks
  4. What is difference between Latency and Throughput……3marks
  5. Write the Structural RTL for “call ra, rb”……….5marks
  6. What are the pipeline problems. Describe each briefly…. 5marks

See the attached file please Mid Term Solved MCQs




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