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Plz share cs501 paper ...

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g Sir Tariq..?

Today My CS501 final term paper Muhammad Shahroz Munir
38 MCQ from Past Paper Waqar Siddhu files ,Moazz file and zain nasar file
1 mcqs
powerpc 601 kis ki exmple ha
falcon a
falcon e
superscalar processors Ans ye paka aye g sab ko

Question 1.
Calculate time to read 64 KB (128 sectors) for the following disk parameters.
–180 GB, 3.5 inch disk
–12 platters, 24 surfaces
–7,200 RPM; (4 ms avg. latency)
–6 ms avg. seek (r/w)
–64 to 35 MB/s (internal)
–0.1 ms controller time
Disk latency = average seek time + average rotational delay + transfer time +
controller overhead
= 6 ms + 0.5 x 1/(7200 RPM) /(60000ms/M)) + 64 KB / (64 MB/s) + 0.1 ms
= 6 + 4.2 + 1.0 + 0.1 ms = 11.3 ms
question 2:
Recode the integer 485 according to Booth procedure.
Original number:
Recoded Number:
_ _ _
Question 3
Asynchronous I/O and Synchronous I/O in operating system
In order to improve the I/O performance, parallelism is used.
For this, two approaches are available:
• Synchronous I/O
• Asynchronous I/O
Synchronous I/O
In this approach, operating system requests data and switches to another process. Until
the desire data arrived. Then the operating system switches back to the requesting
Asynchronous I/O
This model is of the process to continue after making a request and it is not blocked until
it tries to read requested data.
Question 4:
Consider a 64KB direct-mapped cache with a line length of 32 bytes.
a. Determine the number of bits in the address that refer to the byte within a cache
b. Determine the number of bits in the address required to select the cache line.
Address breakdown

n=log2 of number of bytes in line
m=log2 of number of lines in cache
a. For the given cache, the number of bits in the address to determine the byte
within the line= n = log232 = 5
b. There are 64K/32= 2048 lines in the given cache. The number of bits required to
select the required line = m =log22048 = 11

Hence n=5 and m=11 for this example.
Question: 5
that we use the term ‘memory space’ instead of memory,
because not all the memory space has to be filled with memory chips for a particular
implementation, but it is still a resource available to the programmer.
The Concept of Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
Now that we have an understanding of some of the relevant key terms, we revert to the
assembly language programmer’s perception of the computer. The programmer’s view is
limited to the set of all the assembly instructions or commands that can the particular
computer at hand execute understood/, in addition to the resources that these instructions
may help manage. These resources include the memory space and the entire programmer
accessible registers. Note that we use the term ‘memory space’ instead of memory,
because not all the memory space has to be filled with memory chips for a particular
implementation, but it is still a resource available to the programmer.
This set of instructions or operations and the resources together form the instruction set
architecture (ISA). It is the ISA, which serves as an interface between the program and
the functional units of a computer, i.e., through which, the computer’s resources, are
accessed and controlled.
Question 6
where TCP/IP used ?
Question 7
wright down the two main function of branch instruction ?
Question 8
Examples of Hardware intrupt and Software intrupt

Waqar bhai mera 80 to 90 percent paper isi trha ka tha, thanx for sharing

My today paper
Mcq muaz ki file sy ni aye thy mujy to sirf aik hi mcq muaz ki file sy aya tha
What is computer interface also name the computer element which is connected?
List down any five signal associated with the 8 bit status port of the electronic parallel printer interface.
Defferential between internal fragmentation and the external fragmentation on the basies of the computer storage.
Advantages of DMA.
Write the step involvedin th Booth recording algorihm.
What is hardwired control unit and micro programme control unit.
How does RAID level2 difference from RAID level 3 in the term of required number of disk.
Which i/o technique will be should by sound card that may need to acess the data stored in the computer RAM.

My today paper CS501 MC14040________
Al-hamdulillah so easy ,60 % Mcqz from Past papers

Subjective Question

41:- wright down the two main function of branch instruction ?

42:- where TCP/IP used ?

43:- what is the meant by data bus multiplexing ?

44:- what is the utilization of the I/O system?
45:- Briefly explain the technique is used behind DMA and Programmed I/O ?
46:- what is the memory cell arraignment of two dimensions (2D) array ?

47:- Briefly describe the working of a general micro coded controller ?

50:- Show all the steps involved in integer division algorithm to divided 45₁₀ by 5₁₀ ?

51:- In which ways memory and I/O sub system differ ?

52:- List down the four major function related to the cache management ?

My today paper:-

40% Mcqs were from moazz past paper.

1)What is SAN,WAN,LAN? 5 marks

2)Difference between PROM and EPROM? 2 Marks

3)Give 5 reasons of interupt in pipelining? 5 marks

Jitnay yaad thay wo bta diay

+Umar Amin+ thanks for sharing 

in do o file se mcqs zyada aye thay aur pehla question tha

what is function of microprogam

normalized form of floating point kia hota btana tha

maskable aor nonmaskable intrupts agr simultaniously execute ho to prference kis ko milay ge

what is the function of microcoded controller

5 platters with 1024 byte each plater and 512 ka track aor 512 ka sector to total capacity btani thi hard disk ke

List down any five signal associated with the 8 bit status port of the parallel printer.



network k kuch issues btany thay

My current papers

write the major component of input-output subsystem. (2 Marks)

What do you understand by the term single step in FALSIM. (2 Marks)

Name the two methods used to measure I/O subsystem performance. (2 Marks)

What does the term EPROM stands for. (2 Marks)

What happened when the micro-processor. (3 Marks)

What are the three schemes commonly used for error control?(3 Marks)

Describe the term fragmentation in context of virtual memory organization. (3 Marks)

What are tri-stable buffers and why are they used? (3 Marks)

Identify the hazard in the following sequence of instruction going through the pipe lined version of src and explain how this hazard can be resolved?

200 str r3,32

204 add r2, r4, r5

208 sub r1, r2, r3

212 ld r7, 48

216 shl r6, r3, 5                 (5 Marks)

How many platter are required for a 80Gb disk if there are 1024 bytes/sector 2048 sectors/track and 4096 tracks per platter.     (5 Marks)

what do you understand by the wireless transmission? write its features?  (5 Marks)

What are interupts and what is their significance in computer processing? (5 Marks)

Dosto ye file Lazam tiyar krna Kyon k is file se kafi logo ka paper aaraha hai . . .
Mera b Kafi Paper aaya hai is File se
Ap ko ye file aopr wale links se mile gi . . .
Best of Luck
(Dua mein yaad rakhna)

This FB Group is Awesome,Excellent and Best Working for Study . . .

Moaaz aor Zain Nazar aor Waqar Siddhu Wali File b Tiyar krna . . .
Lekin phele aopr wali file tiyar krna Dostoo . . .


Ap ko is link se Past Papers mil jahe ge . . . 

NO DOUBT. IS A very very best and big famous Community for Discussion Study . . . Tariq Bhai is Awesome Work . . . .


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