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The market for video games is quite young and shows an explosive growth, which is greatly stimulated by the usage of microprocessors. With the advent of virtual reality, computer games have entered into a new era and are now used for training along with entertainment. The merger of computer gaming in smart phones has made it very convenient to use.

Suppose, you are working as a microprocessor engineer at XYZ smart phone manufacturing company. The company wants you to develop a microprocessor for its flagship device. The device is aimed at playing games with emphasis upon small size and low power consumption.

Which of the following approaches would you adopt in the above scenario and why?

  1. CISC architecture with L1 cache and single data bus
  2. RISC architecture with L1 cache and multiple data buses

Provide logical reasoning in either case.


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RISC architecture with L1 cache and multiple data buses is better than CISC

I guess that the only CISC instruction set that survived is the x86 instruction set. But as many others have mentioned Intel and AMD processors are not true CISC processors anymore. On the inside they are RISC processors and all CISC instructions are translated to RISC micro instructions. The L1 instruction cache might even store the micro instructions directly.
The idea of CISC came when people still had to write assembler: give the programmer a lot of power with few instructions. Make his life easier. But, on the other hand CISC is a bad idea for compilers. It is much easier for them to optimize for RISC instructions. Also, in the beginning CISC processors were faster because each instruction took one cycle and so they could do more work in that one cycle. The number of successive transistors limits the frequency a processor can work at. RISC architecture easily allow for separating work into pipeline stages and thus allow for higher frequencies.
So, to answer your question: all recent processors are RISC processors (at least on the inside). I don't think that there is any recent CISC processor out there.

Now,a days you can observe that mostly mobile have ARM processor means Advanced RISC machines.They use less power as compared to CISC. In case of CISC processor your mobile battery time would be 2-3 hours only.This is reason behind using RISC processor.


GDB Solution: {Do some changes by self to avoid copy case}

Most desktop or laptop computers use CISC architecture. Smartphone’s and tablets use RISC architecture. The instruction cycle in CISC is more complex than RISC, while RISC can be more efficient at performing simpler tasks and RISC CPUs use less power and are cheaper to make.


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RISC processors are designed to have simple Instruction Set Architecture with low power consumption while CISC processors are designed are high performance processors consuming a lot of power as compared to RISC processors.

So , I will chose RISC because

. RISC processors have a smaller set of instructions with few addressing nodes

It does not require external memory for calculations.

So RISC is best where small size and less power consumption is main concern .

While CISC processors have a larger set of instructions with many addressing nodes.

It requires external memory for calculations.

That is way it take large size and consume lot of power.


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