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CS501 Mid Term Papers Fall 2017 December 9, 2017 to December 20, 2017 & Past Papers

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Cs501 today paper .
50% mcqs was from past moaaz file.
1:Reset operation.3mrks
2:Exception ...explain 2 types of exception.5mrks
3:Nop and reset are from which categroy of instructions.3mark
4:Table was given.....calculate Ic and execution speed .s5marks
5:5th question mn b table given tha ...kch find krna tha yad ni a ra .5marks ka tha

Cs501 today paper 9/12/2017
Mcq's 90% past papers ma sa thay
2 Q. 3 marks and 3 Q.5 marks k thy
Q.1 what is relative address and how can we represent it in structural RTL? 3 marks
Q.2 Diffence b/w Hardwired control unit and Microcoded control unit? 3 marks
Q.3 write four characteristics of SPARC register window? 5 marks
q.5 write 2 address and 3 address of expression
a=(b+c)*d_e? 5 marks
Best of luck

1. Write down any four characteristics of SPARC Register Windows.

2. What are the differences between pipelining and instruction level parallelism?

3. Suppose that an instruction set architecture has an immediate instruction format with the following fields and sizes:


You need to calculate instruction word size for the above instruction format.


1. Write down any four characteristics of SPARC Register Windows.

is ka answer bta dain

guyz learn past papers and 2 topics pipelining and its hazards. src and falcon a

100% paper ho jai ga

ap ka past paper sy aya tha paper

today CS501 Mid Term paper

See the attached file



جواب بھے بتا دے

mid term paper


ppr was so easy..thanks  + M.Tariq Malik 


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