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Quiz No.2 Dated: Jun 18, 13

Dear Students!

Please note that QUIZ-2 of CS501 will be launched on 24th of June, 2013 and will include lecture number 15th to lecture number 25th (15th to 25th).

QUIZ will be launched for 48 hours (remain open for 2 days) only and no alternate or offline will be provided once it is missed, so try to attempt QUIZ at your earliest.

For any query:

Instructor CS501

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Sweet Honey Welcome 

Today Quiz

Question # 1
Where does the processor store the address of the first instruction of the ISR?
Select correct option:
    =>Interrupt vector (p277)
    Interrupt request
    Interrupt handler
    All of the given options

Question # 2
In ________, a separate address space of the CPU is reserved for I/O operations.
Select correct option:
    =>Isolated I/O (p236)
    Memory Mapped I/O
    All of above
    None of above

Question # 3
-------------- is the time needed by the CPU to recognize (not service) an interrupt request.
Select correct option:
    =>Interrupt Latency (p279)
    Response Deadline
    Timer delay

Question # 4
_________ is a technique in which some of the CPU’s address lines forming an input to the address decoder are ignored.
Select correct option:
    Instruction pre-fetching
    =>Partial decoding (p255)

Question # 5
How can you define an interrupt? 
Select correct option:
    A process where an external device can speedup the working of the microprocessor
    A process where memory can speed up programs execution speed
    =>A process where an external device can get the attention of the microprocessor (p198, 223, 273)
    A process where input devices can takeover the working of the microprocessor

Question # 6
An interface that can be used to connect the microcomputer bus to ________is called an I/O Port.
Select correct option:
    Flip Flops
    =>Peripheral devices (p234)

Question # 7
Every time you press a key, an interrupt is generated. This is an example of
Select correct option:
    =>Hardware interrupt
    Software interrupt
    All of the given
    None of the given

Question # 8
Identify the following type of serial communication error condition: “The prior character that was received was not still read by the CPU and is over written by a new received character.”
Select correct option:
    Framing error
    Parity error
    =>Overrun error (p240)
    Under-run error

Question # 9
A software routine performed when an interrupt is received by the computer is called as ---------
Select correct option:
    =>Interrupt handler

Question # 10
Which one of the following methods for resolving the priority makes use of individual bits of a priority encoder?
Select correct option:
    Daisy-Chaining Priority
    Asynchronous Priority
    =>Parallel Priority (p281)
    Semi-synchronous Priority

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