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Dear Students,

Quiz No. 4 of CS501 covering lectures from 30 to 39 will be opened on February 25, 2015.  The quiz will remain open for two days (25th and 26th February) only. Also please note that no additional time will be provided if quiz is missed by a student due to any reason.

For further queries regarding the quiz, please send your emails at cs501@vu.edu.pk

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Jazzak Allah to all of you.

Mine Latest Quizz

26 Feb 2015, 9:59pm

1_The conversion of numbers from a representation in one base to another is known as_______
Radix Conversion
2_What is the basic idea of “carry look ahead”?
To speed up the ripple carry (not sure)
3_For ________ of an error we just need to know that there exists an error.
4_Which is a status bit that indicates whether the block in cache has been modified or not modified?
dirty bit (not sure)
5_The ___________ can be determined from the number of platters and the number of tracks.
storage capacity
6_ ______ is nonvolatile and may be written into only once.
7_Along with the information bits, we add up another bit, which is called?
missed by me
8_Taking control of the system bus for a few bus cycles is known as _____________.
Cycle Stealing
9_When a particular sector is found, the data is transferred to ____________.
I/O module 
10_ Select the parts of a hard disk.
Header only Data section and a trailer
 Latest Quizz_attempted by a Fellow
26 Feb 2015, 11:54pm
1_The _______signal coming from the CPU tells the memory that some interaction is required between the CPU and memory.
2_A component connected to the system bus and having control of it during a particular bus cycle is called___________.
slave component 
3_ What is the basic idea of “carry look ahead”?
4_A component connected to the _________ and with which the master component can communicate during a particular bus cycle. Normally the CPU with its bus control logic is the master component.
Slave component 
5_The ___________ can be determined from the number of platters and the number of tracks.
storage capacity
6_CRC has ------------ overhead as compared to Hamming code.
7_An entire _____ memory can be erased in one or a few seconds which is much faster than EPROM.
PROM(not sure)
8_In computers,floating-point representation uses ______to encode significand,exponent and their sign in a single word
Hexa decimal Numbers (not sure)
9_In Double-Precision Binary Floating Point Representation the fraction is _______
52 bits
10_ ___________ depends upon the present position of the head and the position of the required sector.
Seek time 



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