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        Fundamentals of Algorithms CS502-

                     Spring 2015

              ASSIGNMENT #3


Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted at or before 24thJuly 2015 Uploading instructions Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the Virtual University to upload the assignment.

Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

O The assignment is submitted after due date.

O The submitted assignment does not compile or run. Or corrupt file

O The assignment is copied.

O Submit your solution in Microsoft Word document “doc/docx”


This assignment will help you to understand the concepts of Knapsack Problem and Huffman encoding.

The grip on these topics will help you to understand the cores of Dynamic Programming and Greedy paradigms and increase your confidence to apply these strategies for real world problems.


1.In order to attempt this assignment you should have full command on Lecture # 17to Lecture # 26

and also read the text book “Introduction to Algorithms” byThomaH.Cormen particularly for Huffman encoding technique for compressing the data.

2.In order to solve this assignment you have strong concepts about following topicsüKnapsack Problem(Dynamic Programming)üRadix Sort Books to read For solution Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (CLRS) 2001, Introduction to Algorithm, (2nd ed.) McGraw Hill.

Estimated Time

4 Hours For Question1 maximum time is 2.5 hours ,divide the time according to your ease 1.5 hour will enough to understand the logics0/1 Dynamic Programming and in 1 hour can design your problem solution according to given scenario; and for second problem focus on the radix sort and you can develop all this in 1.5 hour.

It all depends upon your sheer concentration.

Question# 1(10) Let’s assume,

You are working in Multinational Organization XYZ and your company is going to launch projects at broader level. Your Company has 140 Billion $ for investment. You area Business analyst in your company and you have to develop the strategy to maximize the earned profit following the given limits; projects Are to be launched in the year 2016.

•First project is about Research and Development of underdeveloped countries which has cost 40 billion $ and the profit earned will be54 Billion $, and

•The second project is to launch the Software Industries for security Enhancements in different countries which has cost 60 billion$ and profit earned will be 40billion $.

•The Third project is relating to Launch the Industry Plants Nano Technology design for the computing purposes the cost is 70 Billion $ giving the profit of

72 billion $


•The fourth project is to launch quality Medicine Formation

(Pharmaceutical Oriented) project to serve Humanity and has cost 76


$ and profit is 84 billion $ and

 •There is also fifth project which is relating to Chemical Industries in many countries which has cost 36 billion $ giving the profit of 40 billion $


Find out the projects to be selected to earn the maximum profit using

0-1 Knapsack you may assign explicit simple variables for your ease to proceed the calculations.


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Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks
Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution
We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

Question# 2 (10)
Run the Radix sort on the following array of strings including characters, show all passes.
[Sour, Dual, Near, Fear, Fair, Main, Fame, Rear, Shut, Deer]

Sour Fam[e] fe[a]r F[a]ir [D]eer
Dual Dua[l] Ne[a]r F[a]me [D]ual
Near Mai[n] Re[a]r M[a]in [F]air
Fear Fea[r] Du[a]l D[e]er [F]ame
Fair Nea[r] De[e]r F[e]ar [F]ear
Main Rea[r] Fa[i]r N[e]ar [M]ain
Fame Dee[r] Ma[i]n R[e]ar [N]ear
Rear Fai[r] Fa[m]e S[h]ut [R]ear
Shut sou[r] Sh[u]t S[o]ur [S]hut
Deer Shu[t] So[u]r D[u]al [S]our

is ka bare me smjha b den ye kese hua
or ye sahi b he k ni

radix sort concept smjha den plzzzzzzzzzz

Video Tutorials | "Dynamic Programming: Knapsack Problem"

Video Url: http://goo.gl/AIqLpK

Greedy Algorithmshttp://goo.gl/OCDeIm

The Knapsack Problem PDF


Question No.2

with Ri8 Techniques


plzzzzz is ka concept b clear kr den

radix sort hota kia he

Any idea solution of Question No.1 ??

Nina and Hadi GreaT! All other members are strongly encourage to share your valuable IDEAs, Please

Q1 Solution

1st and 4th Project will be selected to earn maximum profit using 0/1 knapsack method


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