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CS502 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

CS502 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

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For Important Helping Material related to this subject (Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved past Papers, E-Books, FAQ,Short Questions Answers & more). You must view all the featured Discussion in this subject group.

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Here is the some subjective question that very helpful for exam 

What are common problems related to Communication Network and Circuit designing.(2)     


Answer:-  A  common   problem   is  communications   networks   and   circuit   design   is   that   of   connecting together  a  set  of  nodes  by  a  network  of  total  minimum  length.  The  length  is  the  sum  of  lengths of  connecting  wires.


Diff between Forward And Cross Edge.(2)

Forward edge: (u, v) where v is a proper descendent of u in the tree.

Cross edge: (u, v) where u and v are not ancestor or descendent of one another.

Write the computational Time of Bellman ford Algorithm?

Bellman-Ford applies relaxation to every edge of the graph and repeats this V − 1 times.

How the Dijkstra’s algorithm works?

Dijkstra’s algorithm is a simple greedy algorithm for computing the single-source shortest-paths to all other vertices. Dijkstra’s algorithm works on a weighted directed graph G = (V, E) in which all edge weights are non-negative,


What is polynomial time Algorithms, give example?

A polynomial time algorithm is any algorithm that runs in  time. A problem is solvable in polynomial time if there is a polynomial time algorithm for it.

Some functions that do not look like polynomials  are bounded above by polynomials

What Is Activity scheduling?? Give example 

The activity scheduling is a simple scheduling problem for which the greedy algorithm approach provides an optimal solution. We are given a set S = {a1, a2, . . . , an} of n activities that are to be scheduled to use some resource. Each activity ai must be started at a given start time si and ends at a given finish time fi.

An example is that a number of lectures are to be given in a single lecture hall. The start and end times have be set up in advance. The lectures are to be scheduled. There is only one resource (e.g., lecture hall)


How Kruskal's algorithm works?

Answer:Kruskal‟s  algorithm  worked  by  ordering  the  edges,  and  inserting  them  one  by  one  into  the spanning  tree,  taking  care  never  to  introduce  a  cycle.  Intuitively  Kruskal‟s  works  by  merging  or splicing two trees together, until all the vertices are in the same tree.4).

how does the floyd warshall works?

 Floyd–Warshall algorithm is an algorithm for finding shortest paths in a weighted graph with positive or negative edge weights (but with no negative cycles).



Define Prim's algorithm ?

In computer science, Prim's algorithm is a greedy algorithm that finds a minimum spanning tree for a weighted undirected graph.


Floyd-Warshall Algorithm develop by?

The Floyd algorithm is independently discovered by Roy (1959) and Warshall (1962) (Pemmaraju and Skiena 2003), which is the reason it is associated with all three authors.




NP problem is one where a computer algorithm that verifies a solution can be created in polynomial time. an NP-Complete problem is NP, but also if you can solve it in polynomial time (called P) then all NP problems are P.


polynomial time and its consequences reduction uses ?


Polynomial time reduction is a method of solving one problem by means of a hypothetical subroutine for solving a different problem that uses polynomial time without the time within the subroutine. Polynomial-time reductions are frequently used in complexity theory for defining both complexity classes and complete problems for those classes.

Which types of algorithm is harder to prove the correctness?
1- Dynamic programming
2- Brute force 
3- Greedy
4- Divide and conquer
If a problem “s” is NP complete it must be ?
1- NP and NP hard
2- NP not necessarily
3- Np hard mean it is NP complete as well 
4- In P and NP
The function having complexity O(nk) belongs to?
1- Co-np class
2- NP-prime class
3- P-class
4- NP-class
All algorithms having the time complexity O(n10) and O(n100)fall?
1- Non deterministc polynomial class
2- Deterministic polynomial class 
3- O(n10)in P class and O(n100) in NP class
4- O(n10)in NP class and O(n100) in P class
Not true about dijkstra’s algorithms ?
1- The length of the shortest path to the start vertex is always zero
2- Find the shortest paths to all other vertices in the same worst case time that it is need to find the shortest path to a single vertex.
3- It will work on weighed graph with positive weight.
4- The running time of the bellman ford algorithm is greater than dijkstra algorithms.
Using Huffman encoding technique the string “a@$a”will be encoded with ?
1- 5bits
2- 6bits
3- 8bits
4- Huffman encoding fail at this sting

to day is cs 502 22-08-2015
paper was tuff

please share your paper??/????? about questions?

Bahi share to karo


My yesturday's paper

MCQ's few from Muaz brother's were new.

What is graph? (2)

All-pair shortest path problem? (2)

Single source shortest path problem? (2)

define free tree? (2)

working of Digkstra's algorithm? (3)

Floyed Warshal algorithm? (3)

don't remember 2 qstns of 3 marks

question was related to Huffman encoding? (5)

What is the cost of MST..graph was given? (5)  (just one line ans)

Apply Kruskal's algorithm on a given graph? ..graph was given (5)

Apply Prim's algorithm on a given graph? ..graph was given (5)

overall paper was not so tough....but I found mcqs lil bit tough !!

Best of remember in ur prayers...!!

Thank you so much ALLAH give you great marks


Plz moaz file share or do

Floyed Warshal algorithm is in 41st lecture which is not included in the final term exam. are you sure that it was there?

ALL Final Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 August 2015 ~ 02 September 2015


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