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CS502  Current MID Term Papers Fall 2012 Date: 08-December-2012 to 19-December-2012

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Replies to This Discussion

My todays paper of cs 502
20 mcqs, half from past papers and half were new.
Draw a max heap. 10 values are given.
Similarity and difference b/w dynamic programming and divide and conqure.
Total number of entries in matrix for edit distance.
What is the essential constraints of counting sort?

WHAT IS the necessary assumption for average case anaylsis quick sort

what are total no. of entries in matrix for edit distance

carry out only first pass of radix sort on the following 4 digits numbers  in order to sort them in ascending order

1246 9870 2333  583

6 subjective , 50% subjective/objective


NayabBukhari Thanks for sharing 

cs502: Current Midterm paper


My paper was as follows:
Mcqs boht ajeeb thy. only 4 were 4rm past papers remaining all were new.Infact all my paper was new.There was no question 4rm past papers. Anyhow, m telling u my paper:
Q #1: Write Essential constraint of Counting sort. (2 marks)
Q #2: Write running time for edit distance Algo... 
(2 marks)
Q # 3:Equ.. was given (form page # 51 of handouts) and the question was to solve it ?
(3 marks)
Q # 4: A statement was given 4rm chain matliplication matrix and the question was explain that it is ture or not? 
(3 marks)
Q # 5: Write pesudo code for 1/0 knapsack? 
(5 marks)
Q # 6: A table was given and the question was sort the velues after 1st and 2nd half using Radix sort? 
(5 marks)

Q # 1: how we heapify ??    2 marks

Q #2: Write running time for edit distance Algo... (2 marks)

Q # 3: tell the one similarity and 2 difference b/w divide and conquer strategy ?? 3marks

Q# 4:this statemnent is true or false: IN knapsack problem the rows are in non decreasing order . brefily explain ? 3marks

Q # 5: write the pseudo code of memofib ? 5marks

Q # 6: What is the timing complexity of this code?  5 marks


1 for w=0, W

2 doV[0, w] ←0

3 for i=0, n

4 doV[i, 0] ←0

5 for w=0, W

6 do if(wi ≤w&v

i+V[i−1, w−wi

] > V[i−1, w])

7 thenV[i, w] ←v

i+V[i−1, w−wi


8 else V[i, w] ←V[i−1, w]



Zyada tar paper quiz aur past papers main say tha.

Maray Aaj kay exam kay short questions (with answers)

2 new MCQs thy asymptotic growth kay baray main thy

what is asymptotic growth of given formula

Q: What is heap and what is heap order? (Mark2)
The heap is the section of computer memory where all the variables created or initialized at runtime are stored. The heap order property: in a (min) heap, The order of keys decends from the root. In a (max) heap, the order descends from the root key. Ref: Handouts Page no. 40 

Q: Draw the cost table for chain multiplication problem with initial states(Mark3)
(A1)(A2A3A4 . . .An) 
or (A1A2)(A3A4 . . .An) 
or (A1A2A3)(A4 . . .An) 
. . . . . . 
or (A1A2A3A4 . . .An−1)(An)
Ref: Handouts Page no. 90

Q: Define heap sort algorithm?


We build a max heap out of the given array of numbers A[1..n]. We repeatedly extract the maximum item from the heap. Once the max item is removed, we are left with a hole at the root. To fix this, we will replace it with the last leaf in tree. But now the heap order will very likely be destroyed. We will apply a heapify procedure to the root to restore the heap.


Q: What are the applications of edit distance technique? Name any three (3)
Spelling Correction
Plagiarism Detection
Computational Molecular Biology
Ref: Handouts Page no. 76


1 aur question tha formula ko expand karnay ka

 Ali Thanks for sharing 

Note for All Members: You don’t need to go any other site for current Mid Term papers fall 2012, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.


Objective questions almost past paper se aye thy....

Subjective questions:

Q1. How does bubble sort algorithm works? (Marks 2)

Q2. What are total numbers of entries in matrix for edit distance? (Marks 2)

Q3. How edit distance is used in spelling correction? (Marks 3)

Q4. Describe heap sort algorithm works? (Marks 3)

Q5. Suggest & describe modifications of the implementation of "Quicksort" that will improve its performance? (Marks 5)

Q6. Consider the case of 3 matrix: B1 is 8*5, B2 is 5*7 & B3 is 7*5. if the multiplication can be carried out in there ways then which one is better? justify your answer with proper calculations.
(1) (B1(B2B3))
(2) ((B1B2)B3) (Marks 5)

Read more: My Today Paper CS502 (Date: 17 december 20120) - Virtual University... http://vustudents.ning.com/group/cs502fundamentalsofalgorithms/foru...


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