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Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,


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Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,


                     Just 3 mcqs new thy baqi sab past papers main se thy           

                                                           15 may 2012

                                                           Cs502 Midterm paper

Q.1   How we build a heap? (2 Marks)

Q.2  Draw the cost table for chain matrix multiplication problem with initial stage? (2 marks)

Q.3  What id require in QUICK SORT such that it sorts array into non-increasing order.(3marks)

Q.4  Suppose we want to multiply of series of matrices. What is the technique called and which one is batter approach rather then straight forward multiplication?(3 marks)

Q.5  What is effect of calling Max-Hheapify (A.i) when i > heap size[A]/2?(5 marks)




thanx alot. Areeba plz past papers send kr do.....

if it was like tht then thanks


Hi every one its my todays. Cs502 exam 22-05-2012

                                       Umair sid


Asymptotic notation is used to calculate____ T(n) __________


Dynamic programming is ___________

essentially recursion without repetition

(1)   Formulate problem recursively.

(2)   Build solution to recurrence from bottom up


Counting sort assumes that the numbers to be sorted are in the range _________

1 to k where k is small


Strictly increasing arrays are_______ input for at root quick sort.



Where is the smallest element for max-heap, if largest count



What is the solution of the recurrence t(n)=t(n/2)+n



What will be the number of the max comparisons if we run brute force



The appropriate classification of the function f(n)=17logn2 is


Which formula is use to calculate worst case running time?

Tworst(n) = max |I|=nT(I)


Al Khwarizmi’s work was written in a book titled___________

al Kitab al-mukhatasar fi hisab al-jabr wa’l-muqabalah


MAXIMA(int n, Point P[1 . . . n])

1 for i   1 to n n times

2 do maximal   true

3 for j   1 to n n times

4 do

5 if (i 6= j)&(P[i].x _ P[j].x)&(P[i].y _ P[j].y) 4 accesses

6 then maximal   false break

7 if maximal

8 then output P[i].x, P[i].y 2 accesses    solve it


T(n) =Xni=1(2 +Xnj=14)

=Xni=1(4n + 2)

CS502 - Fundamentals of Algorithms

Fall Spring 2012



Dated May 11,2012

Time 1 hour

Total Marks 40

Attempt by Umair Saulat May 11, 2012 at 7.30AM,

Campus North Nazimabad Karachi


Total Question  26

MCQs  20        80% MCQs are New.

Short Question 2 x 2

Short Question 2 x 2

Short Question 2 x 3

Short Question 2 x 5


80% MCQS are New.


QNo.1  What is heap and what is heap order? (Mark2)

QNo.2  Quick sort such that sort the array in to non-increasing order? (Mark2)

QNo.3  Draw the cost table for chain multiplication problem with initial states(Mark3)

QNo.4  we can avoid unnecessary repetitions for recursive calls? (Mark3)

QNo.5  Matrix multiplication is an associative with commutative operation, explain? (Mark5)

QNo.6  Statement (Mark5)

Syed M. Umair Saulat thanks for sharing paper to help other 


thaks a lot

tahsks  a  lot

THnx to all dears


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