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ye quizz q rescheduled ho rhy hain ????? aur kia agr hm is dfa quizz na lain to jo first time lya hua tha wo accept ho jay ga ya hmain must laina hai ye wala b??????????????????????


first one non graded quiz tha es quiz ko lazmi lena ho ga kiun k rescheduled quiz k marks hain ....

@all students

plz share ur quizes it will helpful in midterm also. attempt quiz in internet explorer and ctrl+a  and ctrl+c and paste it in the notepad quiz will save in notepad.

my today reschedule quiz

q1:  2-space, output the set of maximal points of P, i.e.,
those points pi such that pi is not dominated by any other point of P.

true page 11


q2: The array to be sorted is not passed as argument to the merge sort algorithm.


False    (p28)

q3: (8n2 + 2n − 3) es k barey ek question tha so chek page 23

q4: The -notation allows us to state only the asymptotic

correct option lower bound page 25

q5: the  O-notation allows us to state only the asymptotic

corect option upper bound

q6: example of in-place but not stable



baki 2 option koi or the

es k quick or heap dono correct hn per me na quick select kia tha


The sieve technique works in phases as follows. It applies to problems where we are interested in finding
a.................. item from a larger set of n items.

corect option single see page 34

Todays quizzz!

Todays quizzz!




this is my today CS502_Quiz


My Today Quiz


Question # 1
A point p in 2-dimensional space is usually given by its integer coordinate(s)____________
Select correct option:
    p.x only
    p.y only
    p.x & p.z
    p.x & p.y    (p10)

Question # 2
Algorithm analysts know for sure about efficient solutions for NP-complete problems.
Select correct option:
    False    (p173)

Question # 3
Brute-force algorithm for 2D-Maxima is operated by comparing ________ pairs of points.
Select correct option:
    All    (p18)

Question # 4
In ____________ we have to find rank of an element from given input.
Select correct option:
    Merge sort algorithm
    Selection problem    (p34)
    Brute force technique
    Plane Sweep algorithm

Question # 5
In Heap Sort algorithm, if heap property is violated _________
Select correct option:
    We call Build heap procedure
    We call Heapify procedure    (answer)
    We ignore
    Heap property can never be violated

Question # 6
We can not make any significant improvement in the running time which is better than that of brute-force algorithm.
Select correct option:
    False    (p92 Not Sure)

Question # 7
Upper bound requires that there exist positive constants c2 and n0 such that f(n) ____ c2n for all n <= n0
Select correct option:
    Less than
    Equal to or Less than        (p25 => for all n >= n0)
    Equal or Greater than
    Greater than

Question # 8
A RAM is an idealized algorithm with takes an infinitely large random-access memory.
Select correct option:
    False    (p10 => A RAM is an idealized machine)

Question # 9
In simple brute-force algorithm, we give no thought to efficiency.
Select correct option:
    True    (p11)

Question # 10
_________ is one of the few problems, where provable lower bounds exist on how fast we can sort.
Select correct option:
    Sorting        (p39)
    Both Searching & Sorting

this is my quiz

quiz i solved it but plz check it urself before attempting



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