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Quiz No. 2

CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Spring 2014

Due Date 29 May 2014

Lecture 9 to 17

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Replies to This Discussion

Question # 1
In max heap (for Heap Sort algorithm), when every time maximum element is removed from top we replace it with ___________ leaf in the tree.

Second last

Question # 2 

The worst case running time of Quick sort algorithm ____________

                Cannot be quadratic

                Is quadratic

                Is always Exponential

                Is linear


Question # 3 

In Heap Sort algorithm, every time the maximum element is removed ____________

                We call Build-Heap procedure

                Heap Sort algorithm terminates without result

                We call heapify procedure

                Nothing happens


Question # 4 

In Heap Sort algorithm, the first step is to _________

Select correct option:

                Call Build-Heap procedure

                Sort the array in descending order

                Call Heapify procedure

                Find the number of input elements


Question # 5 

Quick sort is a recursive algorithm.

Select correct option:



Question # 6 
Radix sort performs sorting the numbers ______ digit(s) at a time.


Question # 7 
Selection sort is not an in-place sorting algorithm.



Question # 8 

In Dynamic Programming approach, solution is modified/changed _________.

                Always once

                At each stage

                Only for specific problems

                At 4th stage only


Question # 9 

We can make _________ recursive calls in Fibonacci Sequence.




Question # 10

Merge sort is a/an _______ and ________ sorting algorithm.

                Not in-place, not stable one

                In-place, not stable one

                In-place, stable one

                Not in-place, stable one

Question # 1 of 10 Total M - 1

Memorization is?

1. To store previous results for future use

2. To avoid this unnecessary repetitions by writing down the results of

recursive calls and looking them up again if we need them later

3. To make the process accurate

4. None of the above

Question # 2 of 10 Total M - 1

Which sorting algorithm is faster

1. O (n log n) quick sort lec 14

2. O n^2

3. O (n+k)

4. O n^3

Question # 3 of 10 Total M - 1

Quick sort is

1. Stable & in place

2. Not stable but in place lec 15

3. Stable but not in place

4. Some time stable & some times in place

Question # 4 of 10 Total M - 1

One example of in place but not stable algorithm is

1. Merger Sort

2. Quick Sort lec 15

3. Continuation Sort

4. Bubble Sort

Question # 5 of 10 Total M - 1

In Quick Sort Constants hidden in T(n log n) are

1. Large

2. Medium

3. Small

4. Not Known

Question # 6 of 10 Total M - 1

Continuation sort is suitable to sort the elements in range 1 to k

1. K is Large

2. K is not known

3. K may be small or large

4. K is small lec 15

Question # 7 of 10 Total M - 1

In stable sorting algorithm.

1. If duplicate elements remain in the same relative position after sorting lec 15

2. One array is used

3. More than one arrays are required

4. Duplicating elements not handled

Question # 8 of 10 Total M - 1

Which may be a stable sort?

1. Merger lec 15

2. Insertion

3. Both above

4. None of the above

Question # 9 of 10 Total M - 1

An in place sorting algorithm is one that uses ___ arrays for storage

1. Two dimensional arrays

2. More than one array

3. No Additional Array lec 15

4. None of the above

Question # 10 of 10 Total M - 1

Continuing sort has time complexity of ?

1. O(n)

2. O(n+k)

3. O(nlogn)

4. O(k)

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zakki in k ans b tu batao?

thnx alot zakki ,Aroosa,Zahra

 Aroosa ali  4 ans

3 page #34


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