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Replies to This Discussion

my today paper

mcq's easy that n past ma sa tha

subjective is:

1)      In storage components problem what complete refers to?

2)      How shortest path information is propagated in graph using Bell-Ford algorithm?

3)      How can we make it possible for an array of “n” elements that every element has equal probability of ‘1/n’ to be selected as pivot elements?

4)      Define according to KrasKal” s algorithm                                               

a)      Create set(u)

b)      Find set(u)

c)       Union (u, v)

5)      Write the general property of the matrix indicate that the graph is complete?

6)      What is the recurrence relation for binary search and give some details for it and write asymptotic analysis at end?

7)      Prove the Lemma:
Consider a diagraph G = ( V,E ) and any DFS forest for G. G has a cycle if and only if the DFS forest has a back edges ?

bus yahi yad

 Remember me in prayers 

working of dijkstra algorithm working

write two steps of dynamic programming

what is the cost of following graph

following graph is directed or undirected

pseoudo code for strong component

values di hoi thi us say graph draw karna tha


























yeh wala question tha past papers main say

or ak question hy p1 or p2 wala or is main np complete wala is ka ans yes or no main dana tha

is say reklated 2 questions thay

sara paper past papers main say tha 80 %

or ak yeh tha ab yad aya hy

hum nay ak railway track bishana hy hum konsa algorithm select krain gay k hum minimum track kar sakian

ak dikstra tha algorith tha

ak bell wala jo hy

ak floyd wala

in main ak select karna tha

bus yahi yad hain

 Eisha Ali  gud & keep sharing 

  Plz upload ur Mcqs and subjectve file which u prepare for exams

shazim  gud & keep it up 

please tell me the file which mcq file you prepare. shazim ,Eisha Ali 

Thanks you in advance.

 shazim  gud keep it up 

shazim plz question No 3,5 and 6 ka ans bta dain 

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks


Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

20 percent objective past paper but 80 percent paper new tha .
Subjective ma old sa thy
Difference b/w back ward and forward 2 marks
Polynomial time algorithm 2 marks
Describe Minimum Spanning Trees Problem with examples. 2 marks
Baqe ya new they
Ak code given that us ka asymptotic notation bateni the. 3 marks
3n^2+7n-12 ke lower or upper bound solve kana tha 3 marks
Code that fib memorization ka. 3 marks
Ak diagram given the us ma prims algorithm batna tha. 5 mark
Ak matrix given the us ka floyed warshal step batna tha. 5 marks
DFS ka itterative step batna tha 5 marks
Bus or yad nahe

jaffer  gud keep it up & keep sharing 


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