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In continuation of the previous assignment 1 scenario, in which you  drew Use Case diagram, then, in second assignment, you developed its class diagram and object relationship, in third assignment, you were required to draw a table of multiple views as a software architecture for the same scenario (discussed in assignment #1 and 2) by following Krutchen’s 4+1 Architectural View Model.


Now, in fourth and last assignment you are required to take one scenario/use case in the “Coffee machine” system. Against each action/step in the use case/scenario, you should develop appropriate test case/s (Each test case would in turn have steps to address how we can check a particular test condition). At the end you will have multiple test cases corresponding to a particular use case/scenario.

Note: While doing this work, you can perform better if you have a tester approach. It’s your work to determine an alternate flow corresponding to a successful flow of a use case. Then, how to deal with an alternate flow, for this, you should have to write the test case/s. 

A test case contains all the information necessary to verify some particular functionality of the software:


For your convenience

For example, if the test scenario is “Validate the User login functionality” – This would yield in 3 test cases (or conditions) – Login (successful), Login-unsuccessful when incorrect username is entered, Login-unsuccessful when incorrect password is entered. Each test case would in turn have steps to address how we can check a particular test condition is satisfied or not.

A test case contains all the information necessary to verify some particular functionality of the software:



For your convenience, same scenario is illustrated as follows:

Suppose you are a domain analyst in a renowned software house ABC. You have been given a task to model requirements for domain understanding for a software project. Scenario is given below; Virtual University campuses all over the Pakistan need to establish “Coffee machine” in their respective places to fulfill cafeteria needs and keep students energetic. The prototype of that Coffee machine should be aesthetically good enough and yet easy to handle for an IT-expert. In a brainstorming session of capturing requirements, there comes major functional requirements like place a coffee order, its preparation, serving and maintenance etc. It’s quite simple at first look but in a more elaborated and refined version, it soon turns out that design should pay attention in more details. So for above said core functionalities, there will possibly some extended and included use cases such as for the preparation of coffee, there requires to add milk and insert coffee. Also, maintenance requires clean up and refill. Similarly, order placement also linked with some requirements.


Assignment Deadline: 15th Feb 2016

Assignment Marks :10

Views: 8164


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cs504 assignment#4 solution

TC-ID          Test Case/Description                                 Test Steps                                                            Expected Results


TC-1      Verify customer information             1)Select custiomer module 2)Enter the       A message appears “New Customer

                                                                              Customer information 3)Click “Add”                        Added”

TC-2     Verify the items                                      1)Enter the “ItemID”                                         message appears “Items are  added” 

                                                                               2)Click “Add”                                                        


TC-3      Verify the coin/credit is valid or       1) Enter “credit card”                                     if credit card is valid then display “accep-

               Not.                                                                                                                                  ted” otherwise “rejected”.

TC-4      Verify the coffee machine is               1)Show “red light” for not working            if machine is not working well then “red           

               Working or not.                                    2) show “green light” for working             light” will be on. If working then “green

                                                                                                                                                         Light” will be on.

TC-5     Verify the machine ingredients          1)Enter “Ingredients” 2) Enter “Y” for         If ingredients are available then messa-

             Are available or not.                              Available 3) Enter “N” for not                     ge “Y” display & if not then “N” display.




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