Assignment No. 01

Semester Fall 2013

Software Engineering I – CS504

Non Graded
Total Marks: 15
Due Date: 18-11-2013

The objective of this assignment is:
 To assess your overall understanding of Software Engineering concepts.
 To increase your level of understanding about requirement engineering phase.
 To help you understand how to effectively collect requirements.

 This Assignment is Non Graded, but you need to solve it for practice and Assignment No. 2 will be based upon this assignment.
 The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not be accepted.
 Assignment submitted through email will not be accepted.
 This assignment is covering Software Requirements Engineering Lectures 1-5.
 Recall the lectures delivered for Software Requirements Engineering and solve your assignment.
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Project Description:
Instant messaging is a fast and popular, low cost, lightweight communication medium and is very affective in-home online socializing to business related communication. Instant messaging is now a significant area of research and development.
Instant Messaging is defined as “the act of instantly communicating between two or more people over a network such as the Internet”. Another way to look at instant messaging is to think of it as a form of “instant email”. A client program known as “ABC MESSENGER” (like Yahoo or any other chat Messenger) is needed for instant messaging. Details of our chat application “ABC MESSENGER ”is:

Features and Functions
We want to build an Instant Messenger by using client server architecture. It will get authentication from main server and after login client can perform regular functions.
After the client logs in with the main authentication server, a connection is built with chat server. The same connection is used for all instant messages and chat sessions.
This Chat Messenger has multi-features that support ABC Messenger. It will support standard features as :

 Connection to the instant Messenger server
 Instant Messaging
 Contact list management (Categories like Friends, Family, Colleague etc)
 Sorting of contacts
 Offline messages feature (left for the contacts that are not online at the moment)
 Chat rooms Managements
 Text formatting for the messages
 Smiley can be included in the instant messages
 Allowing status changing

Answer the following questions by considering the above scenario.
Question No. 1, 5 Marks
What are the business requirements for given “ABC MESSENGER”? Your answer should be precise.
Question No. 2, 5 Marks
List down the functional requirements for given “ABC MESSENGER”.
Question No. 3, 5 Marks
List down the non-functional requirements for given “ABC MESSENGER”.

o Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from net, handouts or books.
o Your answer should be “to the point”.

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nothing except missing to gain knowledge..

Skype,yahoo,hotmail use kartay hay na sab bus us ko mind may rakh k in 3no questions k answers day do .best of luck.

Malika Eman ap ne submit kara di hai to kindly thora guide kar do. 

I regret to say that i couldn't able to help all of u, due to some serious reasons.

i also missed my 4 assigns which was same date.

Anyways, Best of Luck!!

Malika Eman!

functioning mean hardware connection?????

Nahi bhai it means k aus functionallity kya hu ge.... Messanger kya kya funtions perform karey ga

kiya assignment k scenario ko elaborate kar saktay hain ,.. ta'k kuch concepts clear ho jain...

windows 7 k liaye konsa tomcat server thik rhe ga oar JDK konsa krna lzmi ha

Q.No 1 = Business requirements

Business requirements are what must be delivered to provide value. Products, systems, software, and processes are the ways how to deliver, satisfy, or meet the business requirements whats. Consequently, the topic of business requirements often arises in the context of developing or procuring software or other system; but business requirements exist much more broadly. That is, 'business' can be at work or personal, for profit or non-profit.

third question min non functional requirements hn

non functional min kon se information ay ge messanger ABC s related


koi tu assign samjy

not good answer...real fact kya hn isss k


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