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Assignment No. 1 (Graded) has been uploaded on VULMS and you are required to submit it on or before Tuesday, 24 November 2015.

Assignment No. 01

Semester: Fall 2015                                             Total Marks: 10

CS504 Software Engineering I




Suppose you are a domain analyst in a renowned software house ABC. You have been given a task to model requirements for domain understanding for a software project.


Scenario is given below;


Virtual University campuses all over the Pakistan need to establish “Coffee machine” in their respective places to fulfill cafeteria needs and keep students energetic. The prototype of that Coffee machine should be aesthetically good enough and yet easy to handle for an IT-expert.


In a brainstorming session of capturing requirements, there comes major functional requirements like place a coffee order, its preparation, serving and maintenance etc. It’s quite simple at first look but in a more elaborated and refined version, it soon turns out that design should pay attention in more details. So for above said core functionalities, there will possibly some extended and included use cases such as for the preparation of coffee, there requires to add milk and insert coffee. Also, maintenance requires clean up and refill. Similarly, order placement also linked with some requirements.


You are required to develop a set of Use cases for the system discussed above. You will have to make a Use case diagram about the manner in which a user interacts with this system.




HINT: The importance of this task lies on the syntax and semantics of the UML use case diagram. Your diagram should contain examples of includes>> and extends>> relations. An example of generalization would be nice. You may add some additional requirements associated with core functionalities for good solution.




NOTE: Submit “.doc” file only. Every student should provide his/her own work, exact copying of the assignment (or some portion of the assignment) from the internet or other students will lead to copy case and zero marks will be awarded. Different softwares will be used to check plagiarism in assignments. Do not put any query on MDB about this assignment, if you have any query then email at  CS504@vu.edu.pk





Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted on or before 24 th Nov 2015.

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can anybody explain to me a difference between include and extend????kia is may hum activity diagram use krain gay?

extend is a kind of specialization in this case a special instance of an already existing use case is created.new use case inherits all the proprtties of existing use case including actor

Plan rules for coffee machines

The necessities that were recognized for easy to understand coffee machines. All in all, we can recognize two sorts of prerequisites:

(a) Those which address the coffee machine and its client interface,

(b) Those which incorporate social and physical logical variables.

If it's not too much trouble take note of that the rules recorded underneath don't claim to be comprehensive, yet rather speak to the consequences of the study displayed in this paper.

1. Consistency

Marks and wording utilized for control components, item names and depiction and so on the machine surface (e.g. control components) ought to coordinate the ones utilized on the presentation.

2. Feedback

The coffee machine ought to dependably show its framework status (prepared to utilize – refreshment chose – get ready drink (upheld e.g. by an advancement bar) – refreshment is prepared).

Other than a visual input, basic framework status ought to likewise be flagged acoustically. This is particularly imperative for happening mistakes and when the requesting procedure is done.

Criticism and mistake messages ought to talk the users` dialect and give data about what to do (e.g. refill beans).

The cost for every item ought to be appeared before the begin of the requesting procedure (e.g. by pushing a catch the prize of the chose refreshment is appeared on the showcase).

The status of every item (in stock, out of stock) ought to be plainly noticeable and recognizable.

3. Ease-of-utilization

Every item ought to be spoken to by one control component and be accessible with a solitary snap.

Customization of the item (e.g. measure of sugar) ought to be permitted whenever of the requesting procedure.

The measure of additional sugar and drain ought to be exhibited on a scale that meets the users` mental models (e.g. table spoons of sugar, drops of concentrated milk).

4. Error resistance

The drink ought to just be served when containers are in stock (if the machine is out of mugs an important blunder message ought to be shown).

The client ought to have the alternative to cross out the request handle or fix his activity (e.g. chosen measure of sugar) inside of a brief period (i.e. a few seconds) of time subsequent to starting the activity.

5. Suitability for the assignment

All control components ought to be unmistakable all things considered at first look.

Pushing a catch to choose a particular item and begin the requesting procedure ought to be upheld with a satisfactory haptic input to affirm the accomplishment of the undertaking. In the event that there are a few choices for one item (e.g. diverse sizes) the agreeing control components ought to be assembled in a way that purchasers can without much of a stretch recognize related components (e.g. shading, structure, conformity).

Size, complexity and luminance of the presentation ought to be composed in a way that the data is effectively clear, even in a brilliant open space.

6. Help and documentation

Data about the items and their fixings ought to be available for the purchaser (pivotal data for intolerances or sensitivities).

7. Self-clarity

Catches for every item ought to be marked with simple content (e.g. the name of the item) and additionally a typical representation of the item (e.g. a little glass demonstrating a coffee).

The scope of items to browse ought to adjust to the accessible credit (e.g. at the point when 80 Cents are embedded, items for 80 pennies or less can be chosen). This could be shown with an edified catch, for instance.

Diverse items ought to be recognizable at first look (name, picture).

8. Simplicity

There ought to be a coordinated relationship between control component and capacity, i.e. every item can be chosen pushing precisely one particular catch.

The general configuration of the data and yield components and also the paying

Instrument ought to be very much organized, requested and composed in an errand supporting manner.

Data showed on screen ought to be errand significant (e.g. the date may be pointless data, while the status of the framework e.g. prepared to take the consumers` request is pertinent for the assignment).

9. Universal and adaptable configuration

The coffee machine ought to be composed in a way that matches the necessities of openness, i.e. all control components and the genuine drink ought to likewise be reachable from a wheelchair.

The coffee machine ought to be operable with one hand (e.g. at the point when the customer is gathered with a pack, books, and so on.).

The machine ought to be operable by all clients, in any case to their social and semantic foundation.

The client ought to have the capacity to adjust the drinks to his inclinations (e.g. Size, quality, sugar, milk).

The client ought to have the chance to utilize his own glass rather than the ones gave by the coffee machine.

10. Hedonic quality

Every one of the five faculties ought to be tended to give an ideal ordeal:

Hearing: pounding beans

Sight: unmistakable beans

Touch: agreeable and warmth opposing glass, ideally not made of modest plastic

Smell: naturally blended, the kind of newly ground beans

Taste: tasty, superb 

The visual configuration of the coffee machine ought to be tastefully engaging (e.g. shading, names).

Cost and nature of the ought to be in concordance.

The coffee machine ought to be situated at a suitable position

[Image: 11aikx5.jpg]

[Image: 2yju5ah.png]

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Very confusion !! 

solution complete.... 


very simple format

BSSE 4th sem thanks for sharing 

BSSE 4th sem

ur solution require some changes.....

agr solution wrong ha to kindly correction kar day 

correct slution nhi ha ye ..

in which software we can make diagram 


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