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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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my paper

half of the mcq's are from past papers

unit testing


why do_while loop should be avoided

bit field

correct the code (program code was there)

message layer

My Today Paper…………………… 18/06/2012

CS: 504 Final papers

(Jasmine Khan)


A vehicle has several parts such as the set of which and engine buses and cars are example of some vehicle found on the roads. Consider the following classes? (2)


What is meant by Holistic Approach? (2)


What problems can arise if we use vendor specific language extensions instead of using STL for writing a program? (2)


What extension should be used for C++ header files? (2)


According to Barry Boehm:

‘If a project has not achieved system architecture including its rationale, the project should not proceed to full-scale system development’? (3)


What is Expecting handling? (3)


What are three reasons due to which a data fault may occur in a program? (3)


Do you agree or not that the use of do.... while loops should be avoided. Explain why? (3)


From the diagram given below, how will you argue this diagram represent the  “ Whole Part “ Structure? (5)



Define Software inspection. Discuss its benefits in Software Testing? (5)


Expectations do increase the code complexity. Explain this with the help of an example?



Following are difficult programming term. Write their use: (5)

  1. Get/Set
  2. Is prefix
  3. compute
  4. find
  5. Initialize.


(Jasmine Khan)


My today Paper:

MCQs was almost new

Global variable declaration, in style point of view

>>> You have to code for class and interface in JAVA. in what sequence you code the instant variables, static variable, constructors, method...... 5 marks

>>> Describe 4 layers of OO Design Pyramid...... 5 marks

>>> write a "note on Testing usefulness"...... 5 marks

Unit test tips

collaboration diagrams

Exception Neutralize

*********  baqi Fissoun from skull  **************

A***z gud 

Tariq bhai...we need more papers of CS-504...kindly copy-paste from other websites plz...

mere pas jese hi aye gy i will upload......... 


Objective from past some are news

What is the Software Engineering Framework

The drawback is fixing a requirement or design defect

after the once  testing phase is completed & defects are discovered in the system what is next step

c in C++ ia aligned  example

what is most desirable quality of a software artifact?

Codec++is in aligned?


Symptoms & example of loop error?


Do while loop?

 make the code useable



CS504- Software Engineering – I

Date 19th July 2012

Maria afzal

Mostly mcq’s were mostly  from past papers

Subjective paper

QNO. 1   Give IEEE software requirement definition? (2 marks)

QNO. 2 Write down the bugs classes in finding software defect? (2 marks)

QNO. 3 Which of the following is the correct statement? (2 marks)

  • Software verification tries to answer the question “are we building the product right ”
  • Automated code amylases can be use as a technique of verification
  • Data testing is a verification technique

QNO. 4 Why do you understand the self documenting code? (2 marks)

QNO. 5 Explain the business process diagram? (In tree lines) (3 marks)

QNO. 6 Software differ from artifact produce by other engineering disciplines (3 marks)

QNO. 7 Bit field do suffer from lack of probability between platforms. Why? (3 marks)

QNO. 8 Array [i++] = array [i++] = x; why this have the dangerous side effect? (3 marks)

QNO. 9 Suppose u are eliciting the requirement of the software and you realized a conflict            between estimated cost of the software and required efficiency ,now from your point of  view, explain what will you in this situation. (5 marks)

QNO. 10 Explain the infeasible paths? Give example. (5 marks)

QNO. 11 Write the importance of debugging? (5 marks)  

QNO. 12 What do you understand by Hungarian notation and Bicaptialization? Give example of each. (5 marks)


maria afzal  gud 

CS: 504 Final papers

(Jasmine Khan)



Current paper of Cs504

Total 52 questions:

4 questions of 2 marks

4 questions of 3 marks

4 questions of 5 marks.

2 mark Questions:

1. Write unit testing principles.

2. Where Term Compute can be used in Methods

3. What is the greatest advantage of exception handling?

4. What does this mean” Object Creation and Life Time”? 

4 questions of 3 marks

1. How one can avoid hazards caused by side effects while writing code. List the two guidelines.

2. Write unit testing quantitative benefits.

3. Consider the following code fragment.

while a


while b




If you were to test this code, what would be the test technique to adopt?

4. What is an Inspection Checklist?

4 questions of 5 marks.

1. Give three general rules for avoiding split lines.

2. List five guidelines that can help you in writing portable code.

3. Explain about 3 coverage schemes in white box testing.

4. Parentheses should always be used as they reduce complexity. Explain it with the help of a single


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Jasmine Khan)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

CS: 504 Final papers

(Jasmine Khan)



Current paper of Cs504

Total 52 questions:

4 questions of 2 marks

4 questions of 3 marks

4 questions of 5 marks.

2 mark Questions:

1. Define Modularity.

2. What are the different phases of testing? Draw a diagram.

3. What are the six elements that are present in every computer-based system?

4. Differentiate between Architectural Design and System Architecture in a single line.

4 questions of 3 marks

1. What is called self documenting code?

2. What is meant by Software Debugging?

3. Why comments are requiring to be indented and how it should be done, explain with one example?

4. Write unit testing principles.

4 questions of 5 marks.

1. Why and how complex expressions should be written in multiple short statements, Explain it with


2. What is the Usefulness of Testing

3. What are the static analyzers, give a check list of the requirements?

4. What is the Software testing objective? Also define a successful test.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Jasmine Khan)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Jasmine Khan)


21/06/2012 it will be 21/07/2012

any how thanks for your great concern//:)

My today's Paper (21 July, 2012)

Q1.  What extension should be used for C++ header files? (2)

Q2. Following are difficult programming term. Write their use, and give example: (5)
Is prefix

Q3. Qualitative benefits of unit Testing? (3)

Q4.  What is loop error give symptoms and example (5)

Q5. What is ambiguous requirements? Explain by giving an example (5)

Q6. Array [i++] = array [i++] = x; why this have the dangerous side effect? (3 marks)

Q7. Explain the infeasible paths? Give example. (5 marks)


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