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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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current uploaded papers me se kuch aya??????

hello every one, paper sb ka bora ho raha ha .kea program atey ha .mujh lagta ha moaaz ke file ma total question a jaty han .ap logon ka paper ma jo topic thy share karo .mara kal paper ha plz guide me plz plz ......

jaffer  ya ap nay sahi kaha.buhat say students moaaz ki files ku recommend kartay han


Cs504 Software engineering

Spring final 2012



Question #1 marks 2

what is the basic unit of object oriented design ? discuss briefly.


The basic unit of object oriented design is an object. An object can be defined as a

tangible entity that exhibits some well defined behavior. An object represents an

  • individual,
  • identifiable item,
  • unit, or entity,
  • either real or abstract,

with a well defined role in the problem domain. An object has state, behavior, and identity.




Question2….. 2 Makrs 


Name any two standards which are being used by ,c++ for writing programs.


  1. Hungarian Notation
  2. Bicapitalization or camel case




quesiton 3 marks 2

what extension should be used for c++ header file?


C++ header files should have the extension .h.

Example: MyClass.h





quesiton 4 marks 3


as pre peter coad methodology for deriving the object model , " sale" is a transaction object keeping in mind any point of sale system list the attributes of sale object and services profited by it.






















Question 4 …….marks 3


describe three coverage schemes related to white box testing?


Statement Coverage: In this scheme, statements of the code are tested for a

successful test that checks all the statements lying on the path of a successful



Branch Coverage: In this scheme, all the possible branches of decision structures

are tested. Therefore, sequences of statements following a decision are tested.


Path Coverage: In path coverage, all possible paths of a program from input

instruction to the output instruction are tested. An exhaustive list of test cases is

generated and tested against the code.









Question 4…. marks 3


what is difference between inspection and testing?


We always need to employ inspection techniques and combine them with testing to

increase the effectiveness of defect removal efficiency.

In inspections the emphasis is on early detection and fixing of defects from the program.

Inspections can check conformance with a specification but not conformance with the customer’s real requirements. Inspections cannot check non-functional characteristics such as performance, usability, etc. Inspection does not require execution of program and they maybe used before implementation. Many different defects may be discovered in a single inspection.


In testing, one defect may mask another so several executions are required.

For inspections, checklists are prepared that contain information regarding defects. Reuse domain and programming knowledge of the viewers likely to help in preparing these checklists. Inspections involve people examining the source representation with the aim of discovering anomalies and defects. Inspections may be applied to any representation of the system (requirements, design, test data, etc.) Thus inspections are a very effective technique for discovering errors in a software program.


Question 5 …marks 3


Consider the following statement


array[i++] = array[i++]=x;

keeping in mind the problems caused by side effects. how the above statement can be dangerous.


Due to side effects, multiple assignments become very dangerous. In this

statement, a whole depends upon when i is incremented.



question 6 marks 5

A student claims that we cannot implement the software construction activities, if we don't have supporting tools that could provide us the automated or semi-automated support? Do you agree with the statement or not ? Provide logical reason. 



Only partially we can accept this claim.coz development is a creative activity.

Objective of development is to show that how the program works. tester uses his/her imagination to come up with use patterns of the application that can help him/her in describing exact steps that should be executed in order to test a particular functionality. Moreover, they needs to figure out

loose points in the system from where he/she can discover defects. All these activities are highly imaginative and a students are supposed to possess above average (if not excellent) analytical skills. Scenarios missed or misunderstood during development analysis would never be tested correctly because the corresponding test cases would either be missing or would be incorrect.

So, student claims that we cannot implement the software construction activities, if we don't have supporting tools that could provide us the automated or semi-automated support is not acceptable at all.


quesiton 7 marks 5

Which of the following are the magic numbers?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 9
  • 11
  • 22



Any number (even 0 or 1) used in the code can be a magic number.

These are constant that mean something but they do not give any indication of their importance or derivation, making the program hard to understand and modify. To a reader they work like magic and hence are called magic numbers. It should rather have a name of its own that can be used in the program instead of the number.



question 8 marks 5


while working on a GUI user goes for some clicks in order to delete some component of that system but that component is in use by some other stockholder and hence cannot be deleted at that specific time'.

If you are the developer for this GUI , write at least 3 ways for handling above scenario and also tell which solution is ideal in your point of view. 


First, if a component is currently in use, it should not have been displayed in the list at the right.

Secondly, instead of displaying many messages separately in many dialog boxes, it

would have been appropriate to combine them in minimum message pop ups.

Thirdly, close all the other expected application which can use that component.

First option will be ideal to handle such issues.



haye shawashy..... :p mera kia bny ga...? mera kal paper hai cs504 ka jis jis ka hogya kindly thora bta do k kesa hoa paper? n kon k0n sy t0picx imp0rtant hen :(:(:(


What is ambiguous                   2 marks

Exception handling                 2 marks

 What is the Tester phase        3 marks           

 type of software development framework task set               3marks

Importance of debugging                   5 marks

why TAB and Break Page special key are avoided    2 marks

hungari notation by the bicapitalization                      5 marks

usefulness of the testing                                             5 marks

ak or statement given the us ks code or name batani th. 5 marks

thank you

my paper was

write about get/set

is prefix

with exampl 5 mrks

difference of testing and inspection 5mrks






is ka flow graph bana tha

maitaince ki activities likhni thi

mcqs were new

3 from maoz file

shinning doll thanks for sharing ur paper 

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