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CS504 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016

CS504 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 

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my today cs504 paper 4th march 2015

  20mcqs were from moazzzzzzz

  and the subjective was same as given above all questions of M. Tariq malik  given

 thank u for the paper

please anyone give me ans of these questions i will be thankful

formula of perry and wolfe on architecture views

why do while loop should avoided

memory over run

is multi level commenting possible on cpp and java

software3e debugging

performance engineers and tester are concerned to which view in krutchens 4+1 view

Q No 01. List down any three potential points (phase) in development life cycle where there are greater chance of defect inclusion into development.


Following are the development life cycles of defect inclusion into development:

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Coding


Q No 02. List down the participant of observer pattern.


Following are the participant observer pattern:

  • Subject
  • Observer
  • Concrete subject
  • Concrete Observer


Q No 03. 2 guide lines that can avoid hazards side effects.


Never use “,” except for declaration and never use multiple assignments in the same statement.


Q No 04. Why special character like TAB and PAGE BREAK must be avoided in multiple platform environment.


Special characters like TAB and page break must be avoided. These characters are bound to cause problem for editors, printers, terminal emulators or debuggers when used in a multi-programmer, multi-platform environment.


Q No 05. Virtual University of Pakistan students accessing the course material, this is example of which architecture model?


This is the Client server architecture model.


Q No 06. What is the general rule for naming user-defined data types in C++ or JAVA, Explain with the help of example?


1. Names representing types must be nouns and written in mixed case starting with upper case. FilePrefix.

2. Variable names must be in mixed case starting with lower case. filePrefix.

3. Names representing constants must be all uppercase using underscore to separate words. COLOR_RED. 

4. Names representing methods and functions should be verbs and written in mixed case starting with lower case. getName()

5. Names representing template types in C++ should be a single uppercase letter. template<class T> template<class C, class D>

For example:

A=b * c

Q No 07. What is software debugging?


Debugging is the process of finding and resolving bugs or defects that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system.

Q No 08. Which software document is considered as the base document to start the testing phase of software.


FS is the document to start testing phase 

Q No 09. A developer writes a class and test it by himself?

            Unit testing

            System testing

            Integration testing


Unit testing: Unit testing is done by developer himself.

System testing: Normally, independent Testers perform System Testing

Integration testing: both programmers and testers are responsible for integration testing 

Q No 10. write the name of all OSI reference architecture?

 Q No 11. The formula of Perry and Wolfe on Architecture Views.


Software architecture = {Elements, Forms, Rationale}

Q No 12. Black and White Pattern difference.


Black Box

       i.            In this type of testing, a component or system is treated as a black box and it is tested for the required behavior. This type of testing is not concerned with how the inputs are transformed into outputs.

White Box or Structural

     ii.            As opposed to black box testing, in structural or white box testing we look inside the system and evaluate what it consists of and how is it implemented.

Q NO 13. do-while loop should have avoided why?  


The use of do.... While loops should be avoided. There are two reasons for this. First is that the construct is superfluous; Any statement that can be written as a do.... while loop can equally well be written as a while loop or a for loop. Complexity is reduced by minimizing the number of constructs being used. The other reason is of readability. A loop with the conditional part at the end is more difficult to read than one with the conditional at the top.

Q NO 14. what are acceptable abbreviations in the following:

cmd:command, cp:copy, init:initialize , html:HyperTextMarkupLanguage , cpu:CentralProcessingUnit


html: HyperTextMarkupLanguage


Q NO 15. What is Memory Over Run. 3


A memory over run occurs when you use memory that does not belong to you. This can be caused by overstepping an array boundary or by copying a string that is too big for the block of memory it is defined to hold. Memory overruns were once extremely common in the programming world because of the inability to tell what the actual size of something really was.


Q NO 16. Is multi-level commenting possible on C++ and Java? 3


multilevel commenting is not supported in C++ and Java, using // comments ensure that it is always possible to comment out entire sections of a file using /* */ for debugging purposes etc.

Q NO 17. Which design pattern provides a unified interface to set of interfaces in sub-system?


Façade Pattern provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a sub-system.

Q NO 18. Consider the following values and calculate cyclomatic complexity.

Number of edges=8

Number of nodes=6


V(G) = E - N + 2

= 8 – 6 +2

= 4


Q NO 19. Do you agree that side effect of a function can make things difficult during maintenance or debugging activities?


Yes, Side effects are a major source of programming errors and they make things difficult during maintenance or debugging activities.

Q NO 20. why software testing is considered a destructive activity?


Software testing is a destructive activity as the goal of a tester is to break the system to discover the defects.

Q NO 21. when does the split lines occur in the code? Write 2 hints to avoided such situation?


Split lines occurs when a statement exceeds the 80 column limit.

Hints to avoided such situation:

   •Break after a comma.

   •Break after an operator.

Q NO 22. name at least 3 faults classes which are specified during preparation of checklist for static analyzers?


Data faults

Control faults

Input / Output faults

Storage Management fault


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