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Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,


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Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,



Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

My today's paper

Most of Mcq's from sequence diagram

and 2 short question from it also

i did not remember exact wording but i'll like to share with you

1. sequence diagram show the control link are you agree or not

2. suppose you are reading analyzing statement how you find object class

3. how you can write understandable code

plz share ur paper specialy long question

 sabo  thanks for sharing paper to help other .

CS504 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012]
20 MCQ’s thay jo past paper main sy ni thay
Q1= peter methodology sy koch sentence ko true statement batani thi
Q2=peter methodology sy ak paragraph sy 2 object batnay thay
Q3= ak diagram thi us main object or message batna tha
Q4= ak coding wala sawal tha
Q5= AS a software engineer batain sequence diagram or collaboration diagram kis jaga use krain gy
Q6=koch statements sy ture statement batani thain

Acording to peterCoad are these objects 2Marks
Cash Drawer

Define Coupling 2 Marks
how can decrease coupling 3 Marks
How OOD is better explain 5 Marks
explain what will u do if cost conflict efficiency 5 Marks

Objective 60% past mai thi baqi new thi.

1. Define:
• Data
• Documentation 
• Program
2. Cruise missile scenario better fire which kind of design parameters are used for better work?
3. After the analyzing you consider that the cost and efficiency conflict of a software then what you suggest to tackle this situation? Give three best ways?
4. Write three types of messages in sequence diagrams: 21-lec
5. You are a IT-developer and handle a web based application

Short Questions:
Q: Define Abstraction?
Q: What methods do we use to properly write a program?
Q: Why is software architecture important?

Thanks a lot emiahmed....Plz any1 else who has attempted Software Engineering paper today CS-504...kindly share it here....becuase Sharing is Caring....Best of luck to every1

Current mid term paper

At 9:30 am

1:To construct a system model the engineer should consider one of the following restraining factors?

Select correct option:

assumptions and constraints

budget and expenses

data objects and operation

2:Data cannot flow from one external entity to other external entity because:

Select correct option:

It will get corrupted

It is not allowed in DFD

An external entity has no mechanism to read or write

Both are outside the context of the system

3:Data Flow diagram (DFD) does not capture control flow information, it just shows the flow of the data in a


Select correct option:




4The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely ----------- to build.what  ► How ► When ► Why



5Collaboration diagrams have basically two types of components: objects and ----------messages (► methods ► classes ► non of the above


6What would be the most suitable architecture to develop a commercial web page to do business transactions over the internet?

Client server model (p129)

 ► Island model

 ► RAD model

► Repository model


7Events occur whenever a(n)_________________

 actor and the OO system exchange information

 ► class operation is invoked ► messages are passed between objects


8Flow charts represent. ► Sequence. (Page 50) ► Random ► Parallel ► Non of above


9Asynchronous massages are denoted

► Half Arrow (Page 109)

 ► Simple Line

 ► Full Arrow

 ► Non of above

10 :class responsibilities are defined by




1:Explain aggression with 2 exampples from daily life (5)

2;From the scenerio  choose the containers

If a file is present in a drive(c or d) it is present in a new folder when it is removed it goes to recycle bin .hou permanently it can be remove?(3)

3:Define cordanility of object (I don’t know from where it is?)(2)

4:components of software architecture  explain any 2(5)





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