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Assignment No. 04
Semester: Fall 2012
CS504: Software Engineering-I
Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 02-01-13
Please read the following instructions carefully before assignment submission.
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
The assignment is submitted after due date.
The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
The assignment is found to be copied from Internet.
The assignment is found to be copied from other student.
The assignment submitted is not according to required file format (.doc).
The objective of this assignment is:
To assess your overall understanding of Software Engineering concepts
To assess your overall understanding of UML sequence diagram notations
How to create sequence diagram based on use cases
Tools Required:
Microsoft Office Visio
MS Paint
This assignment covers lectures from 19 to 22. Read the full system description
provided in previous assignments, related handouts lectures and watch the video lectures
carefully before solving the assignment.
The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any other format like .vsd, .jpg, .gif will
not be accepted.
In assignment no.3, you were asked to develop Object Model for OBCS. Now, in
this assignment, you will be making sequence diagrams for following two use cases.
1) Budget Requisition
HINT: This sequence diagram shows the sequence of actions required to request for
annual budget of any department.
2) Process Indents
HINT: This sequence diagram shows the sequence of actions required to accept or
reject the indent requests.
Students are advised to submit their assignment as early as possible in order to
avoid any sort of inconvenience like Load shedding etc.
Good Luck!

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Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

For Microsoft Office Visio Check below link

This is very simple assignmet , I try to explain and give you idea ... hope so all students will discuss and we will prepare a complete solution.....

1st of all we look our previous assignment question 

You are required to develop UML OBJECT MODEL of online 
budgeting control system. Project description is again provided for your ease. 
Project Description: 
Existing budgeting system of an XYZ university is mostly based on paper work. To get rid of 
file work, university wants to change its budget control system to a web based application. 
Purpose of this web based online budgeting control application is to provide an electronic 
environment for fast processing of university budget related tasks. 
With online budgeting control system, management will be able to add more departments and 
even more sections within the departments. Concerned people ofdifferent departments will be 
able to check that how much budget is consumed in different sections like stationary section, 
furniture section etc. Developed system will show which section is underflow and which is 
overflow in terms of finance. This software will also track that how much indent (expense) 
requests are in a pipe line and how muchestimated cost is required for these. 
Online budgeting control system will have a user-friendly interface. It will fulfill all the user 
and business requirements of the Budget Allocation & Control staff. It will also provide 
required documents (reports etc) efficiently, provide the information to management and will 
help them in decision making. 

Now on this project description we will draw sequence diagrams for following two use cases.

1) Budget Requisition
HINT: This sequence diagram shows the sequence of actions required to request for
annual budget of any department.
2) Process Indents
HINT: This sequence diagram shows the sequence of actions required to accept or
reject the indent requests.

Here I want to give to recall previous semester assignment no.03 . There were same questions like this assignments.

You are now required to draw sequence diagrams for the some of the use cases identified in previous assignment.

Project Description: Advance HealthCare is a medicine manufacturer company which manufactures medicines and sells to its customers. Advance HealthCare wants to develop an online system which will facilitate to manage the routine tasks of medicine sales and will convert the manual working in a computerized system. The system is meant to manage almost every aspect of the medicine sale system such as maintaining the stock record of the medicine, suppliers/companies accounts, purchase record, customer (patient) record, sales invoice generation, employees’ record etc. This system will maintain all the sales of medicines to customer and purchase from supplier. The medicine stock will be managed along with their batch numbers, expiry date, rate and quantity. When the medicine is purchased, and record is entered, the stock record will be updated immediately. The system will also handle the accounts including payments to suppliers and receiving from customers. The proper ledgers of every account will be maintained. The system will also help in maintaining the employees’ record that includes storing their name and other particulars along with their salary package. The system will generate many sophisticated reports including stock reports, ledger prints and rate lists. The system will not generate any advanced accounting reports as trial balance, balance sheet, Operating Expense Report and worksheets. The System should be user friendly, technology independent and platform independent. The System service should have availability most of the time in the day. It must be capable of supporting multiple users at a time without affecting the performance. It should be able to complete its on-going operations in spite of any error or problem within defined response time.

 And Solution of this Diagram was as following 

Thank You So much for your guideline...

***Helping others make you satisfied and confident***

Hafiz Arslan Welcome 


Sequence diagram assignment and solution of previous in words files


Now every thing is clear..... follow previous semester assignment solution and draw sequence diagrams of Budget Requisition and Process Indents use cases....

I will upload soon diagrams of these soon... but read full discussion, think see previous solution and try to draw 


thanks sir for giving some idea..!

in the

 2) Process Indents

we have the 

1. departments

2. items estimated cost acoustic cost of submission

6. date of approval


these are all as "classes of indent process"

Abeera Butt Thanks for sharing 


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