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Assignment No. 03 Semester Fall 2013 Software Engineering I – CS504

Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 17-01-2014


The objective of this assignment is:
 To increase your level of understanding about UML Modeling and how to identify objects, attributes, operations and their relationship.
 To help you understand how to develop UML Object Model by using UML notations.

Please read the following instructions carefully before assignment submission.
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
 The assignment is submitted after due date.
 The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
 The assignment is plagiarized.
 The assignment should be in “.doc” format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not be accepted.
 Assignment submitted through email will not be accepted.
 This assignment is covering UML Object Model Notations Lectures 13-25.
 Recall the lectures delivered for UML and Object Model Notations to solve your assignment
For any query about the assignment, contact at

Project Description:
Instant messaging is a fast and popular, low cost, lightweight communication medium and is very affective in-home online socializing to business related communication. Instant messaging is now a significant area of research and development.
Instant Messaging is defined as “the act of instantly communicating between two or more people over a network such as the Internet”. Another way to look at instant messaging is to think of it as a form of “instant email”. A client program known as “ABC MESSENGER” (like Yahoo or any other chat Messenger) is needed for instant messaging. Details of our chat application “ABC MESSENGER ”is:

Features and Functions:

We want to build an Instant Messenger by using client server architecture. It will get authentication from main server and after login client can perform regular functions.
After the client logs in with the main authentication server, a connection is built with chat server. The same connection is used for all instant messages and chat sessions.

This Chat Messenger has multi-features that support ABC Messenger. It will support standard features as :
 Connection to the instant Messenger server
 Instant Messaging
 Contact list management (Categories like Friends, Family, Colleague etc)
 Sorting of contacts
 Offline messages feature (left for the contacts that are not online at the moment)
 Chat rooms Managements
 Text formatting for the messages
 Smiley can be included in the instant messages
 Allowing status changing
By Considering the above scenario you are required to Draw Object Model for “ABC MESSENGER”. UML Object Diagram should be comprehensive and must contain:
1. All possible objects Marks 5

2. Possible attributes for each object Marks 5
3. Operations of each object Marks 5
4. Relationships among different objects for example Inheritance, Aggregation, composition, Association etc. Marks 5
o You need to mention all objects, attributes, operations and relationships with standard notations in the model diagram, No need to write down separately.
o Assignment should not be copied from net, handouts, books or any fellow.


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ye sari discussion se copy ki hoi hy...


ap apne concepts kion ni share kerti han??/

Very Easy Assignment

Abbot Ka textual Method Use Karain and Proper Nouns in Statement are objects and then exclude unnecessary objects from your analysis. after it define the operations and attributes of each objects and link them with each other by any kind of relationship which they deserve means inheritance, association, composition etc. and make all process in form of diagram. assignment done.

if anyone have confusion in this assignment feel free to ask from me.

how to convert a use case diagram into object diagram?

Neha use cases define kar k unko mila k object diagram bnani ha na k use case diagram ko convert karna ha object diagram ma these both are totally not matching with each other.


solution send me

Neha Simple kaam hai ye UML sirf 30 mints ka kaam hai agr karo to apne concept clear karo bas aur kuch ni

Neha 2on different hain convert ni kar sakte haan actor he humare object hon gay lekin ye bari bany ge daigram

so tell me solution dear  at mc110403622


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