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1. The number __________ is the most abused symbol in programs written in C or C++.
My Answer:0 - page 169
2. _________________ architectural model is widely used in mainframe application. 
My Answer:Repository Model (TUKKA)
3. The form for (;;) should be used for 
My Answer: empty loop- page 159
4. “Description of communicating objects and classes that are customized to solve a general design problem in a particular context.” is called ---------- 
My Answer:Design Pattren - page 137
5.MVC stands for --------------- 
My Answer:Model View Controller-page 140
6.In the classical thin-client architecture, the entire processing is carried-out by ----------- 
My Answer:Single server-page130
7. It ensures that a class only has one instance and provides a global point of access to it. 
My Answer:Singleton Pattern - 142
8.Which of the following is not a possible server in client server environment? 
My Answer:Time Server (TUKKA)
9.Names representing methods and functions should be----and written in mixed case starting with -----case. 
My Answer:Verb----lower- 150
10.Goto statements violate the idea of 
My Answer:-structured code 161

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Replies to This Discussion

today cs504 quiz 

A self documenting code is a code that explains itself without the need of comments and extraneous documentation, like _______

Which of the following shows a commented statement in C++

When programmers use shortcuts and cryptic codes in their program, ________ becomes a major problem.

-----provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a sub-system.

One of the main reasons to make functions is ________.

80/20 rule states that:

Vertical partitioning is also known as…..

A self documenting code is a code that explains itself without the need of comments and extraneous documentation, like _______

Vertical partitioning divides the architecture application from a …… making perspective.

Be very careful when you use functions with side effects – functions that change the values of the ________

Vertical partitioning divides the architecture application from a …… making perspective.

In case of using unrelated operators in a single expression, _________ would be the best choice to prevent the logical errors

   UML diagrams
   Process-flow state diagrams
    All of above 

// Ans = first + second

3 ic ka tukka

4  Observer Pattern

5  ic ka tukka

6  You spend 80% of your time in 20% of code

7  Factoring

8  Decision

9  Variables

10  parenthesis



thanks for sharing 

The VULMS server went down after 10 PM at night. For CS504 quiz we get only 24 Hours and even during that time due to server problem we didn't get complete 24 Hours. I missed my Quiz. 

me too. i could not submit. i wrote to vu

Don't worry, they will reopen it. I also missed mine. ^_^

Dear fellows please send an email to CS504 instructor and inform him. Maybe this way He will understand that significant number of students have missed this Quiz. Only instructor can make this decision and I have a feeling that He is an extra strict person. Because for all other Quizes we get 48 Hours but he gives us only 24 Hours.

I had an argument once regarding a day's time, he said there are students who attempt in a day so you should be vigilant. :(

I had mailed, but no idea IF he would do. I missed mine too.

7 august ko reopen hongy quiz for 24 hours.

is liye no tension jin jin k reh gaye thay. 

sare quiz reopen hon ge 7 August ko?? plz reply


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