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CS506 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

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koi ans b to bta do k in k kdr hain :( mjy to nai mil hi rhy

My CS506 Paper:
MCQz all from past ezy...
1) write URL pattern.
2) write ... in Expression Language.
Ans:) &{}
3) write sentence in HTML n JSP comments.
4) Diff b/w dot net n Java?
5) Why we use Client Side Validation?
6) How to prevent serialization?
7) Predefined constant of Thread priority.
8) How Java is better than ASP?
Bki 4 Programs the 5 marks k... 1 javabeanz ka ta, 1 java script ka r 2 yaad ni...r ye 4 program likhne te.


1. How transient keyword prevents serialization? Marks 2
2. As java developer you have given a task to deploy a web application. In which server folder developer should put his web application for deployment? Marks 2
3. Suppose a java developer wants to sends response on URL http: //local host:8080/app/tservlet and also want to encode this URL. Being a java web developer which encoding method you will recommend for encoding URL? Marks 2
4. What is the alternate name of business layer? Marks 2
5. Suppose we have two threads t1 and t2 with maximum priority. Thread t1 is taking long to process. How we can give chance to thread t2 to get process and stop thread t1? Marks 3
6. Why http made stateless protocol? Explain with example… Marks 3
7. What are the distinguished advantages of having http session? Marks 3
8. Explain MVC model 1 with the help of diagram. Marks 3
9. What are the benefits of partitioning an application in logical layer? Marks 5
baqi 3 questions 5 marks waly b write kiye thy but examiner ne nhi leny diye :(

Naughty Princess thanks for sharing 

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Final term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting for all latest updates.

nice jnb shukria

paper CS506
15 to 20 Mcqs from Mooaz Files.
Subjective sb e handouts sy tha past ka ni tha..
1-MVS 2 shows description and digram?
2-socket and server socket difference
3-html and jsp difference
4-xml code
5-zakat nikalnay ka code likna tha
6-why we use java bean?

My CS506 Paper

Mostly MCQS From Past

Here some questions I remembered 

What is core Program of AJAX?

Question About "wait" and "Task" Method?? 

How to apply same effect on all HTML Tags ??

How to refresh current page in WPF navigation based Application?

AJAX which type of Technology?

Ali want to hide all <P> TAGs From HTML. Give syntax for this in Java and Jquiry?

How a server respond to browser's request? Give at least 4 examples

How to prevent a window from automatically being activated when uts shown first ?

Write down event code on Click-Me event, and Raised Event ?

Question About Sort Description, with Ascending and Descending?

A question was about to write down at least 3 commands ?



+ αтhεя вѕcѕ 7тн  thanx for sharing 

CS506 Paper
Most of MCQS in Past Paper from Moazz file.
Subjective :
Q1: What does Response code 403 indicates?
Q2: When we use page centric approach?
Q3: Suppose you want to use FileReader and ResultSet Classes in JSP page .How you will import both classes into JSP page.
Q4. What is function of Start Method and when it Run(called)in java applet life cycle?
Q5. What are Data transfer objects? Explain with example.
Q6. If Multiple request from clients a server can handles how this network communication will be different from the one client-server communication. Explain?
Q7. Relate the following elements of JSP with the servlet.
(1) Script (2)JSP Expressions
Q8. Which Type of HTTPServletRequest object Method are used to read the HTML from data submitted by user?
Q9. Write a Method That draws a red rectangle and a blue circle of any size at random locations on the screen having Size 1000*800. 
Q10. Being a Java web developed,you are required to write the code of Web.XML file for a Servlet 
Note:: Consider Servlet file name is Welcome
Q11. Write a code for an error Page that displays the following outout. The Same error page is displayed for null pointer expection or any known exception if it occurs.use HTML and JSP tags.
Required Output:-
You are on error page.
An............Exception has occurred.
Please ask the network administrator.
The Error message was "type of error....."
please try again later!
(1)in dotted lines specify the type of exception that occurred like "An SQL Exception has occurred" 
(2)In type of error...........specify the error message you got while exception handling.
Q12:Complete the following code of custom tag that displays message "Welcome to Vurtual University ." Dotted line show incomplete code.
Body is "Empty"
Tag name is"Student"
TagHandler class is" Student Handler"

CS 506 ka paperServlat k kuch questions thy code correction k long (5) marks kHTTP, FTP, TELNET protocol is port k work karty hn (3) mark ka questionWrite the name of three Types of tags. (3) marks.What is the alternate name of Business layer (2) marksaor mcqs mix thy sary 19 lec sy 45 tak….Bus itna yad hy…

CS506 paper 20/8/16Aj Warning mil gyi mujhe :/ screenshots lene pr ..23 hi shots lyn thyn..invigilator ne wo bhi del krdyn khud... so mene ques word main likh lye thoray bht phir :|MCQ's were easy..past nhi kye thay mene so pta nhi past aye ya nhi..2 marks ques1-what does response code 503indicates?2-use of [] operator in EL3-how servlet maintain the information if cookie is disabled4-function of destroy method in applet lifecycle3marks ques5-diff b/t dot net and java6-does expression languagesupport automatic type conversion?reason,7-find errors from given codes 8-statements likhni thyn usin JSP expressions a) current date and time & b)get and display id sent by user5 marks questioncodinggg bsss...jis main se 2 kye maine aur 2 smjh nhi aye :|best of luck.


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