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All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 (25 May 2013 ~ 06 June 2013) at One Place

From 25 May 22, 2013 to 06 June 2013 Spring 2013

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ye paper bra ganda aya hy. past men sy 2 3 mcps ay hen baqi sara new thy.

thek sy yad nahi lekin kuch ye they.

why we use type-4 driver.why it is called thin driver? 2 marks

why we use applet with respect to active x.  3marks(kuch asa tha)

why we use MouseMotionListener? 5 marks

one program tha. 5 marks

baqi yade nahi arahy abi.

Any one tell me please

jub paper main coding likhni hai to kia us se related test class likhna compulsory hai????

ya just code se related class likh k kam pora ho jay ga???

please help

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cs506 today paper 25..05.2013

1. Calculate waiting times and average waitinf times for FCFO algorithm for given Burst time. (5)

2. Algorithm 1 was written and asked its shortcomings. (5)

3. For Bounded buffer and consumed process code was written, asked about "counter" variable purpose in it. (3)

4. one thread is process and other is more thread is, which is created and managed by other thread. tell the name and also how it is created and managed? (question was aked like this and It's answer was about user thread.) (3)

5. what is the name of the formula for queuing theory and also write formula. (2)

6. which thread is managed by OS? (2)



Dear + M.Tariq Malik + yeh paper CS 506 ka nahin hay. plz remove it from here.

yeh ++CS 604 Operating System++ ka hay.


MY today paper

r sath Quiz file b hy  MCQs koch  quiz sy b aya tha 


Oheena Shah ap ki cs506 ki file mai error hai...please reload

idm sy download kr rahain hain to phr her dafa error ay ga

idm open krain us ki option setting main ja kr  file types  main PDF r Zip name Delete kr dain us ko ok krain r phr files download krain sub files error free hon gi

CS506 Today Paper











Java developed in __________


►1995    (Page 12)





To create DataBaseMetaData object we write following line of code


     ► DataBaseMetaData db = con.getMeataData();             (Page 177)

     ► ResultSetMetaData rsmd = rs.getMetaData();

     ► ResultSetMetaData rsmd = rs.setMetaData();

     ► DataBaseMetaData db = con.setMeataData();



A method can not be made final until whole class is made final.

► True

► False



- The relationship between class and interface is called ________

► ' Is a ' relationship    (Page 98)

► ' Has a ' relationship

► ' Responds to ' relationship

►None of the given options



If a class needs to handle events generated by button then which of the following interface a class

needs to implement?





►ActionListener      (Page 122)



Which of the following method is used to execute SELECT SQL statements?

► executeUpdate(sql);


► executeQuery(sql);      (Page 154)




The code below draws a line. What color is the line?

g.setColor(;g.drawLine(0, 0, 100,100);






Question: Marks 3


Question: Marks 3


Question: Mark2


Question: Mark2

What use of “this “ in given code  Marks 2

Code yaad ni hy


Question: Mark5

SetMetaData  ko use kraty ho ay ak Table bananana tha Mark 5


Question: Mark5

Ak statement thi jis main boss and you inter communication k a software develop krna hy to as software developer what best software totally secure from others Marks 5




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