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Suppose you have to write a small Java program that catches exceptions with super classes. You are required to use inheritance to create an exception superclass (called ExceptionA) and exception subclasses ExceptionB and ExceptionC; where ExceptionB inherits from ExceptionA and ExceptionC inherits from ExceptionB. Your program must demonstrate that the catch block for type ExceptionA catches exceptions of types ExceptionB and ExceptionC.

Hint: You can use Arithmetic exception like divide by 0 or any similar one.
NOTE: You are required to use Graphical User Input (GUI) to show output on the screen.

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Sorry folks! im using a system that is out of dated and os xp thats too time consuming, and not supporting any app. nevethless I must give you complete solution. Dont waste your time you have to make your assignment yourself. I'll assist you

NOTE: You are required to use Graphical User Input (GUI) to show output on the screen.

for graphical user interface we use command
import javax.swing.*;

@Anam "

for graphical user interface we use command
import javax.swing.*;" This is only a library or package to include/draw GUI... there are an other steps involve to physical draw it on canvas/form, right now I am busy but will share an idea later. you have shared good idea though, keep it up. :)

@Muhammad Tariq I've the complete coding but need to implement and execute. without execution how can I say this is the complete solution. however if any body share his or her system via team viewer, i can give complete solution

Please send me at my email address.

@Anam You have complete code, very good. How can I help you to execute your code or what kind of difficulties are you facing to execute your code, by the way you can still share your code by attaching files, if you want to.;)

try this code and uplaod error report here if any

import javax.swing.*;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class ExceptionA
private int numerator;
private int denominator;
private double quotient;

Public static void main(String[] args)
ExceptionA oneTime = new ExceptionA();
public void doIt()
String input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Numerator");
Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
numerator = keyboard.nextInt();
String input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Denominatorr");
Denominator = keyboard.nextInt();

if (denominator == 0)
throw new ExceptionAException();
quotient = numerator /(double) denominator;
System.out.println(numerator + "/" + denominator +"=" + quotient);
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, numerator + "/" + denominator +"=" + quotient);

catch (ExceptionAException e)
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "No number can be devisible by Zero");


Can you please connect through teamviewer? Please email me at

Thanks so much for the help.

@Anam Sorry to say but I really unable to understand this piece of code, Where are ExceptionB and ExceptionC Classes? where is Inheritance? where is pure virtual function? how are you dealing with controls? there is some spelling mistakes e.g system.exot(0); and some upper and lower case problem e.g Public static void main(String[] args).??

bro pls ia ka solution upload kr den pls pls pls

catch is not working.

msg displayed illegal start of exception


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