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CS506 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2010 (11~26 Feb 2011)
Please Share Your Current Paper pattern, MCQs & subjective Questions to help each other. Thanks.

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Finf the attachments

this is my cs506 paper do v definenad uses error pages in JSP

Q.what is the difference b/w system.out.println() and system.println()

Q.what type of problem persist with structs framework which situation expresion language can be used can v lead cookies from the clinet do v use JSP action element and what are there format

Q.why session tracking is important


i have doen this paper
30 mark of objective
and all the objectve from 2008 past paper solved u can get it easy over here too

questions are also from 2008 paper
some new were
page directive 5marks
4tag liraries 5 marks
implicit object 2 marks
transient varible 2marks
whst is jsp scriplet 3 marks
what is expression language 3 marks
whst is c:remove in jstl 2 marks
and rest is from 2008 solved paper do it completly

best of luck
30 MCQs
6 Question of 2 Marks
6 Questions of 3 Marks
3 Questions of 5 Marks

5 Marks Quesstions

1. What are packages? and how they are organized?
2. what are output comments in JSP?
3. Write Five operators used in Expression Language

3 Marks Questions

1. When tread's run() method is invoked?
2. which listener interfaces are used to handle mouse events?
3. why client side validattion is used?
4. Write three types of custom tags
5. how many types of commets are used in JSPs?
6. Differentiate sleeping and yielding in threads

3 Marks Questions

1. Why Expression language is used?
2. why session tracking is used in httpServlets?
3. EJBs and JSP/servlet run on which server?
4. what are streams?
5. Differentiate layers and tiers
6. What is differences between getRequestDispatcher(String path) method using javax.servlet.httpServletRequest or using servletContext?
AOA, I had a mix of old and New Question, 3 were 5 mks.

Tag Library - JSTL
Custom Tags ,and format
JSP action Element

There was one numerical type ( for x = 3, y = 5 , then a loop of if ( X<0 || y > 10 ) x = x*y else x = x+ 1

to me it was False , so my option was none in given choices.

How session tracking is done in Servlets ,
Problems of structs ( Complexity and none aval of UI tags I remembered)
Over 60 % was from 2008 paper , Best of Luck for all.
some soved ?stions

what is validator? discuss built in validator.

which containers use a border layout as their default layout?

how to track a user session in sarvlets?

what are implicit objects?? list any two.

write down any two basic features of HTTP protocol.

why do we use c:remove tag in JSTL?

what is the difference bw yeilding and sleeping?

EJBb and JSP servlets run on which type of servers?

advantages of using custom tags.

expression language nuggets

session tracking is necessary??

what type of information can be appended to URL?




friends me ko to papers ma sa to bohat thoray questions aae paper ma,

me apnay subjective questions upload kr raha hoon.



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