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CS506 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2011 ( 03 Feb to 16 Feb 2012 )

Current Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Feb 2012 Final Term Papers, Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs


Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

• Disadvantage of Page-centerd approach
• Methods of session tracking
• What does finalization means?
• What does error 404 disply

3 marks
• Why do we need Expression language?
• Jsp directive .
• Difference of forward and send redirect.
5 marks
• Jsp page directive
• Request dispatchers include method
• Why J2EE is called multidirective?
MCQS was all most all was from past papers.

gud MS.....thanks for sharing ......aur aapka paper tu mashallah acha ho gia ....hamaray liay dua e kr dena

is there any programming related question in paper??

My Today Paper of   CS506   Web Design and Development
differentiate between layers and Tiers
Why yield() method used
Describe Servlet Context
My Today Paper of   CS506   Web Design and Development
What is difference between updaters and updateRow() method of rowset objects
why we use dotag() Method in tag handler class
Describe Different types of statement which are used in JDBC
what are the expression language Nuggets
Differentiate between sequential execurtion and multthreading
differentiate between forward and send redirected
how many types of JSP directives (5)
which technology used in java support  in following layers  (5)
presentation layer
business layer
 data layre
Why & how  we use JSP directives
describe Include and Request dispatcher (5)

40 Mcqz or 13 obj.

1)what is the difference between Java casting and beans?(5)

2)write again servlet

<% MyBean= m MyBean ();%)(2)

3)is java code is slower then native code?briefly explain. (3)

4)Write three custom tags?(3)

5)why we use expansion language?(2)

6)what are the two dispatcher and how it used?(3)

7)how this() and store() method used with constructor(2)

8) What is difference between the getRequest Dispatcher(String path) method of javax.sevlet.ServletRequest interface and javax.servlet.servletContext interface.(5)

9) What invokes a thread’s run() method?( 2)

10)what are the five operators for the Expression language(3)

11)write the two chracterisitics of expressional language?(3)

12)Rest of two YAd nahi isi per shukr ada kro ..:

1: how we create a package and how we use it give one example (5 marks)

2: Litrals of Expression Language (5 marks)

3: why we use include directive in jsp and how we declare it (5 marks)

4: write 4 states of Thread (3 marks)

5: why java complier force to handle checked Exceptions and why it will not force to handle unchecked Exceptions (3 marks)

6: write 3 values for scop in JSP (3 marks)

7: write advantages of JSP over servlet (3 marks)

8: what are the disadvantages of strut framwork (2/3 marks)

9: how we set an error page in JSP (2 marks)

10: what is ServletContext (2 marks)

11: what is difference between character oriented streams and byte oriented streams (2/3 marks)

12: when run() method is invoked (2/3 marks)

13: Expression Language nuggets (2/3 marks)

all questions were easy for me and 40 mcq were also easy in questions ko khob ruta laga lo.


cs506 Final term 2012 paper 

Name nay two logical layers of we application?
Write briefly 2 characteristic of EL?
Why do we use session tracking in HTTP servlets?
How JSP pages are informed about the error pages?
Code for a method ResultSetMeteData abject(RS) to return the DB name of 2nd column?
3 Paint methods which are used to paint swing component
4 thread States?
Advantages of JASP over Servlet?
: Significance of error Pages?
6 features that JSP provide?
how can we encode URL which is sent to Client?
types of layers?
3 layers of action elements used with java beans?
Operators of EL?
java include Directives?


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