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CS506 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

CS506 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

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thnxx for sharing ....

come on friends share your current paper here....

Today paper of cs506 dated by 24 august 2015

How do v definenad uses error pages in JSP?

 Difference between Html and jsp .

Instal tomcate server?

Forward method of request dispatcher?

Two ways to assign unique session id of each user?

TLD file sy related ak q tha

Some Objective  q from the moaaz file

thanks for sharing

plsss objective paper b share kr dain help others

plz koi or b apney paper share kr dey cs506
bht bht mehrbani ho ge

pllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz koi in papers ko solve kr day plss help 

explain object scop from visibilty what has it mean explian your point of view with diagram?(5)
: custom tag advantages (5)
 difference between page with bean approch and mvc1?3
javabean ko define krna tha using xml syntax
arrange the following class in pakages(1)Dbcom.java(2)Input.JSP(3)Home.html(4)Insertdb.java(5)Adduser.html(6)Deletedb.java

Todayz cs506 paper
bs ya 7 mcqs past sai aye

In packages, we organize files into different directories according to their ____________. 
►All of these
JSP action elements allow us to work with _____________. 
►JavaBeans (Page 367) 
MVC stands for _____________.
►Model View Content
►Model View Controller (Page 393) 
►Multi View Controller 
►Multi View Content
Which of the following is not included in simple tag while creating JSP custom tags? 
►Start of tag 
►End of tag
►Attributes (Page 379) 
►None of the given options
Which of the following is not a correct scope when a JavaBean is used with JSP? ►application 
From the following which session tracking technique is used when new session is started? ►Cookies ►URL Rewriting ►Both Cookies and URL Rewriting (right Answer))
►None of these
What are the three stages of Servlet Lifecycle? 

1:Http stateless protocol, what we need tool in order to make it possiblefor it to maintain state?
2:Which method tell browers type of output string?
3:Different model1 and model2?
4:Develop customtag name?
5:Different variable declaired inside declaration part and variable declared in script part?
6:Identify the type of following tag <studenttag.study><\studenttag.study>
7: See the code below and convert script tag to equivalent jsp include elements <%Request Dispatcher 
8:Maka a java in java bean which requirements are used? Names these requirements?(5)
9:Being a web developer you required web.xml fill for a servlet?(5)
10:Write code use three jsp clases in a way(5)
1)top view.jsp= get the id from user from some html form and display”id:user id is on page it move horizantly.
2) bottom view .jsp= virtual university move horizantly
3) vuHome.jsp. welcome!!”some name” id and virtualuniversty declair its.
11:Explain mvcmodel2 with the diagrame?(5)

+ " فقیہہ (BSCS 8th)  thanks for sharing 

My today's paper.

Mosytly MCQ'z was from Moaaz bhai file.


Q1. Identify the type of following tag? (2)

Q2. The data we send to server can be categorized into two types. Write the names of these two types. (2)

Q3. Write a code statement to remove the value associated with "amazonSession" of object "Session". (2)

Q4. Which java code is equivalent to "jsp.useBean"? (2)

Q5. Write a statement to use tag library "StudentInfo.tld" with prefix "student". (3)

Q6. What impact a JavaBeans object can produce when it is stored in an Application scope? (3)

Q7. Explain the "Forward" method of "RequestDispatcher" with the help of diagram. (3)

Q8. Implicit objects are provided to simplify JSP expression and scriptlet, write the names of three most important implicit objects? (3)

Q9. What happens if :
i. We set True as requestgetSession(true)
ii. We set False as requestgetSession(false) (5)

Q10. Write HTTP based servlet which displays a message "Welcome to java servlets"?(5)

Q11. Write complete code for building "custom tag" shows output "Welcome to virtual university"? (5)

Q12. Complete the code. It was related to custom tag coding including dotted lines.I forgot. (5)

Meri aik request, Plz Sub Mere Exams k liye khaas dua ker dijiye ga. JAZAK'ALLAH.

Wish you All The Best.


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