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tpday mera paper tha
mcq were new
coding classes
table mn person add krna del krna code about that
code dia huwa tha btana tha run time pe kia error ae ga

g yad aya applets ka question tha agar html mn applet nhi tou applet k through page open ho ga ha nhi

nice mien ne kr dia

 My Today's Paper.......

1) If a mouse clicks on " × " portion on the top of the window. Which Action event is it
Ans) Mouse Clicked

2) FTP (File Transmission Protocol) works on _________ port

Ans)  21

3) All exceptions in java are inherited from a class know as ________.

Ans)  Throwable

4)  Which of the following belongs to a category of checked exception?

Ans)  IOException

5)  Which of the following is used for inheritance in java?

Ans)  Extends

6)  An abstract class ________ instantiated.

Ans)  Extends

7)  Which is the fastest driver from the followings?

Ans) Type 4

8)  Which keyword is used to call method of paint class in child class?

Ans) Super

9)  If we not follow the name convention in java, then program will:

Ans)  Gives errors

10)  ResultSetMetaData object can be derived from ________ object.

Ans)  ResultSet 

11) Which of the following is called ' pure abstract class ' ?

Ans)  Interface 


When defining a method you must include a/an ___________ to declare any exception
that might be thrown but is not caught in the method.

Ans)  throws clause 

13) INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE are _________ statements.

Ans) DML

14)  You must follow the _________ steps in order to perform painting.

Ans) 3

15) JDBC and  ODBC stands for:

Ans) Java Database Connectivity,  Open Databas Connectivity

16)  Which of the following are passed as an argument to the paint () method?

Ans) A Graphics object

17) wora stands for :

Ans) Write once, run anywhere


Subjective file from Arshad helpful file.... Check it out.


Question No 1 MARKS 2

Write a given connection URL in string variable conURL. How will you connect to MS Access database using conURL in your java program?

Question No 2 MARKS 2

Complete syntax of paint Border method

Question No 3 MARKS 3

Write java code that will update name Ali to Ahmed on 5th row. Consider the column name is sname note write only necessary code

Question No 4 MARKS 3

Methods (paintBorder, paintChildren, paintComponent) write correct order of methods call in if these methods are called

Question No 5 MARKS 5

Write an alternative of atream of byte which is easy to use. How willl your solution benefit us

Question No 6 MARKS 5

Operator Text field and answer JLabels are already created?

1. Calculate waiting times and average waitinf times for FCFO algorithm for given Burst time. (5)

2. Algorithm 1 was written and asked its shortcomings. (5)

3. For Bounded buffer and consumed process code was written, asked about "counter" variable purpose in it. (3)

4. one thread is process and other is more thread is, which is created and managed by other thread. tell the name and also how it is created and managed? (question was aked like this and It's answer was about user thread.) (3)

5. what is the name of the formula for queuing theory and also write formula. (2)

6. which thread is managed by OS? (2)

Today Midterm Paper Fall 2015

Question : 26
Marks : 40

Time : 60 Mints 

Total 1 Marks Mcqs : 20 
Total 2 Marks Short : 2 
Total 3 Marks Short : 2 
Total 5 Marks Short : 2

AoA Today in my paper 80% of MCQ are new and 20% in previous files some MCQs in Dr. Tariq Hanif MCQ file. in subjective session 

Window, Mouse, action listener, window listener, focus listener, key

Q: separate the event handler and event generator in the above list? 2Marks

Q2 rs. setmeta data syntax 3 marks

ak programe tha jis men kuch mistake thee usko ko correct kerna tha 5 marks

import java.swing

import java.utl

inko define kerna tha for which purpose use

paper tuff tha 

my java ppr

When do we use keyword “this” in the following statement? button.addActionListener(this);

Q#4 When a class becomes Serializable which sort of interface it implements .Identify its category and explain it briefly?
Example code:
class Students implements Serializable{
//class implementation

Q#3 Why Type – 2 drivers are more efficient than Jdbc-Odbc bridge?

Q#2 Override the function of action listener interface actionPerformed() which takes one input from user ,when user presses “power” button it takes its power when user presses “percent” it divides the number by hundred and display the result in a new Label.
Assume that:
Object event is already created.
“operator” Text fields and “answer “ JLabels are already created.

Q#1 Create a client program that takes user’s NIC number and sends it to the server whose IP address is: residing on the port 1299.


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