CS506 - Web Design and Development Assignment no 02 Solution And Discussion due date Dec 11, 2015

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Save kasy krty hn plz tell me

input.txt file should look like this Ali 1 70 Ahmad 2 60 Ayesha 3 80 Hina 4 90 Sana 5 50 you can copy these above values and paste it in notepad and save it as input.txt Read more at http://vustudents.ning.com/forum/topics/cs506-web-design-and-develo...

ye error kese jaye ga

I hv provided 100 % solution on wednesday
See the link below or chk my comment on page 6.

You guys r not even to run the solution.
Even on some previous post i explained it line by line.. sorry on all.

input.txt file kaisay bnani ha

Keyboard se type kr k :(

 Robeenbhai apki assingment soloution mai test.java uses unchecked or unsafe operation ka error ata ha. plzzz explain me y this error coming and how to resolve this

That is not error that is warning, you can either use try catch in function or write just one line over that function declaration 


and no need to import any thing.
Sometimes Java generics just doesn't let you do what you want to, and you need to effectively tell the compiler that what you're doing really will be legal at execution time.
It's usually worth trying to work out a way of avoiding the warning rather than suppressing it

Any 1 who got error in pdf code in for loop see detail below.
Reason behind this error is list is not declared as generic couple of line above.
Replace with below.
List list = new ArrayList() ;
Although corrected alrdy uploaded but 4 those who r not here to get solution rather understand logic.

Robeen Ahmad (MS-SE) g
plzzz help me

plzzz koe complete solution .zip file upload kr de hm se error ni jaye ge

1st Student.java ko compile krna
2nd Test.java ko compile krna
3rd Student file ko run krna
4th Test file ko run krna

am i right ???
plzzz tell me any one


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