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Replies to This Discussion

  1. The keyword "this" is used to ________
  • invoke constructor of the another class
  • invoke alternate constructor of the same class
  • invoke constructor of super class from sub class
  • invoke constructor of sub class from super class


  1. Java defines _____ for the listener interfaces having more than one vent handling methods.


Answer:  Adapter Classes (right Answer)




  1. DSN stands for _________


       Answer:  Data Source Name



  1. JDBC-ODBC stands for ________.

Answer:   JDBC stands for java database connectivity.


  1. == Operator compares _________ of strings whereas equals() method compares _________ of strings.

Answer: Addresses, values


  1. Overloading is _______ whereas overriding is _____

Answer:  Compile time binding, run time binding



  1. Java defines ________ for the listener interfaces having more than one event handling methods.

Answer: Not Confirm


  1. A database that is created in MS Access 2003 will be saved with _________ extension.

Answer: .mdb


  1. Based on functionality, the streams can be categorized as ________

Answer: Node stream and Filter stream 


  1. AWT is a GUI Package used in java. AWT stands for_________

Answer:  Abstract Window Toolkit


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