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The Graded Discussion Board of Web design and Development (CS506) will be opened on 16 July, 2013 (16/07/2013) and will remain open for 48 hours only.


The GDB topic is:


ABC Company is working on a newly assigned Java project which generate large amount of web contents dynamically. The critical requirements/constraints for this project includes:

i) Application should be efficient and secure.

ii) The application should be developed within limited time using Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach with existing team members.

The Project Manager needs your recommendations and you have the choice to use either servlets or Java Server Pages (JSP) or Both (Servlets and JSP). 

Based on the above scenario, which choice you will prefer? In either case justify your selection with solid reason(s).


The Due date of GDB is 17 July, 2013 (17/07/2013).


Best of Luck for the rest of your semester




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Replies to This Discussion

i think JSP is best choice  because If you are working on Java and creating a dynamic web project in which all the contents are displayed dynamically.I would suggest please prefer only jsp. because many times the servlets are not responding properly.

JSP is better approach. JSP allows developers to easily distribute application functionality to a wide range of page authors. These authors do not have to know the Java programming language or know anything about writing servlet code, so they can concentrate on writing their HTML code while you concentrate on creating your objects and application logic.

JSP pages easily combine static templates, including HTML or XML fragments, with code that generates dynamic content.
JSP pages are compiled dynamically into servlets when requested, so page authors can easily make updates to presentation code. JSP pages can also be precompiled if desired.
JSP tags for invoking JavaBeans components manage these components completely, shielding the page author from the complexity of application logic.
Developers can offer customized JSP tag libraries that page authors access using an XML-like syntax.
Web authors can change and edit the fixed template portions of pages without affecting the application logic. Similarly, developers can make logic changes at the component level without editing the individual pages that use the logic.

nice post miss aleeza.

in my view servlet is best choice 

combination of JSP and java servlets is efficient.

we have to work on a java project, if we solely prefer JSP. it is not purely java, it is combination of java and html. and preferably html. we do not actually learn java to work on jsp  technology. and java servlets are efficient and pure java classes. main reason for using the combination of servlets and JSP is that both follow RAD and generate dynamic web pages. So why not a combination?

but it is not the only solution, one can only use JSP. it is just a choice. JSP has all the benefits of servlets. so final choice is all yours.

best of luck for the finals.

ALLAH sab ka hami o nasir ho

i agree with u   jsp is more efficient then servelt

plz koi complete solution send kar dy..mein chnage kar kay send kar don gi...time kam hai..aur aj 3 gdbs hain...

you can follow  Naveed Akbar explanation. he explain his point very nicely. I thanking him for making easy for me to conclude my answer. best of luck to you all for final term.

Both provide means for generating dynamic Web content. In fact, most non-trivial applications will want to use a combination of JSP and servlets. The general advantage of Java Servlets to JSP is the speed at which it can provide response. Although Servlets run faster compared to JSP, but to gain the speed advantage provided by servlets and on the fly translation and compiling has become a usual practice in creating dynamic content with JSP and Java servlets. JSP doesn't give you anything that you couldn't in principle do with a servlet. The partnership of Java Servlets and JSPs in the middle tier can produce efficient, dynamic web applications for data dissemination and collection. JSP is also a form of servlet, it has all the qualities that a servlet has and in a better way. It is easy to write a JSP than a servlet and java code can also be written in JSP as well so it’s better to use JSP as we have to write less code in it and it has the same efficiency. Major security aspects are handled by the server. To prevent unauthorized access, the Web application deployment descriptor (web.xml) is used to declare that certain URLs need protection. To prevent unauthorized access, each servlet or JSP page must either authenticate the user or verify that the user has been authenticated previously. Individual servlets and JSP pages need no security-conscious code. For safety each servlet or JSP page has to check the network protocol used to access it. Servlets and JavaServer Pages provide a powerful, efficient, portable, and secure programming for developing professional e-commerce sites and other Web-enabled applications.

Here according to scenario, I think, JSP is a better choice. I would recommend the project manager that JSP should be adopted to develop Java project which generate large amount of web contents dynamically. In the case of servlet program a lot of code is needed to be written  to perform a basic job. But in the case of JSP comparatively less code is needed. So JSP is a server side technology which make content generation in a simple appearance. The advantage of JSP is that they are document-centric. Servlets, on the other hand, look and act like programs. A Java Server Page can contain Java program fragments that instantiate and execute Java classes, but these occur inside an HTML template file and are primarily used to generate dynamic content. Some of the JSP functionality can be achieved on the client, using JavaScript. The power of JSP is that it is server-based and provides a framework for Web application development. Here we have short time and limited development team.


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