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CS507 Assignment No 01 Fall 2019 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 15-11-2019

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2019

Due date: 15 Nov 20          Total Marks: 20


All questions in this assignment cover the topics from lecture 1 to 9. For all questions your answer must be concise, to the point and compact not more than 4 to 5 lines.

The objective of this assignment is to;

  1. Evaluate the student understandings in the basic organizational concepts
  2. Evaluate the understandings of management information systems
  3. Evaluate the students understanding in decision making approaches


Instructions to solve Assignment

This assignment contains 4 questions; you are required to solve all of them. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due
  • The assignment is not in the required
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is
  • Assignment is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, )
  • Assignment sent by email will not be



Question No 1: (5+5 Marks)

The board of directors of a famous multinational hotel has approved a new restructuring plan for the organization. The new plan is expected to improve routine activities, task ownership and smooth reporting of overall operations with expedition of decision processes. It includes numerous changes in terms of classification of jobs and differentiation of responsibilities, identification of stakeholders and their roles, inter-department and intra-department authority delegation. All correspondences have to be examined by department heads and most of departmental matters are decided at their level. Issues falling out of the scope or lacking clarity are escalated to higher management. Departments such as human relations management, marketing, finance and business development has strong dependencies on other departments and all departments work proactively with each other, however, inter-departmental decisions are required to be approved by higher management who requires the regular reports from the departmental heads on various issues.

  1. Which organizational structure is followed by this hotel management and what are the challenges of that structure?
  2. Give any 3 points that shows how Business Environment affects hotel industry?


Question No 2: (5 Marks)

There are different decision making approaches depending on the nature and type of the problem or issue. You are required to discuss different types of decision making approaches briefly and what approach would be applied to solve the problems related to following situations.

  1. Recruitment in an organization
  2. Withdraw Amount from an account
  3. Labor walkout in a factory
  4. Employee salaries distribution
  5. Natural disaster
  6. Selection of a University for higher Studies


Question No 3: (5 Marks)

Computer based information management systems help large organizations in various aspects like simplifying the decision processes, strategic planning, control of management, operational control and processing of transactions etc. As a system analyst you are required to enlist and briefly discuss the enabling technologies/components that an information system depends on.

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear if any one have correct solution please share 

CS507 Assignment no.1
MC180405356 (Solution File)
Muhammad Bilal

Question Number 1(A) Answer:
Functional organizational structure is followed by this hotel management.
Challenges of the functional organizational structure:
Lack of understanding across departments.
Slow to react in response to environmental changes.
Strangles innovation when the problem occurs.
They focus more on their own goals and neglect the overall company objectives.

Question Number 1(B) Answer:
The definition of business environment means all of the internal and external factors that affect how the company functions including employees, customers and management, supply and demand and business regulations.
Below mentioned points shows how business environment affects hotel industry:
Keeping the cleanliness and hygiene is really decisive to guest satisfaction, as it provides perennial concern besides. Many times it is said “Cleanliness is 2nd to none”, so any executive housekeeper is ever concerned with the criterions of cleanliness in the guestrooms and it appears on their precedence list.
With the increased usage of Internet, it has become necessary for hotels to keep their web site. The web site is used chiefly to convey a penetration to hotels insides, its best patterns and services, monetary values, price reductions if any. It should besides let clients to reserve, look into and call off the engagements, make on-line payments of their stay. Thus the web site helps the clients to entree the resources easy and for hotels it brings easy concern.
t is really of import to look into that the peace is maintained and no public nuisance is created. Since if the scene is created one time, it discourages many to see the hotels chiefly the households.

Question Number: 2: Answer:
Structured decision making (SDM) is a values‐based process (Keeney 1992) that guides the decision maker(s) through the steps of formulating the decision context, establishing objectives, generating a set of creative management alternatives, identifying key uncertainties that might affect the decision

Unstructured decisions are those in which the decision maker must provide judgment, evaluation, and insights into the problem definition. Each of these decisions is novel, important, and no routine, and there is no well-understood or agreed-on procedure for making them.

Recruitment in an organization follows the structured decision making approach
Withdrawing amount from the account is non-structured decision making approach
Labor walk out in a factory is also a structured decision making approach.
Employ salary distribution is a non-structured decision making approach.
Natural disaster due to the natural disaster should follow the non-structured decision making approaches
Selection of university for higher studies is a non-structure decision making approach.

Question Number: 3: Answer:
The most overwhelming change in the technology sector is rapid expansion of the internet as a place for doing business. The World Wide Web and other advances in information technology have changed the whole face of business.

To produce desired products, It is necessary for a business to stay in market to produce the goods according to the desire of the consumers. Due to the change in technology day by day innovations has been taken place. Competitors by using the technology reducing the cost and improving the quality.
To solve a problem,: There are varieties of problems facing a business in the contemporary world. Information technology is being used to overcome the business issues like, Marketing, Brand of the product, Quality of the product, Cost control, Organizational internal and external issues etc.
To fulfill a need: Information system must fulfill the needs of the business. An organization needs information of its customers, product, market trend, employee information, payroll, manufacturing cost etc. In time information helps the organization launch its product in time to maximize profit.
The way products are developed and offered to the customers keeps changing thus affecting the business environment in which the organization works.

CS507 Assignment Correct Solution_VU_Ning

below link 

CS507 Assignment Correct Solution_VU_Ning

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution

Question 1 (A)


A Competetive environment is a dynamic external system in which a business competes and function. The more seller of a similar product or service, the more competitive the environment in which you compete.

Least five improvements that can be inducted in such a competitive business environment with information systems.

1. Occasion.

2. Back Up Help

3. Arrangement

4. Stealing

5. Saving

Question 1 (B)


Human Resources department set up a working plan for Organization that are as follow:

(i) Department should work in effective way.

(ii) Feasibility should be shown in the work.

Question 2 (A)


A cross-functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. It may include people from finance, marketing, operations and human resources departments. Typically, it includes employees from all levels of an organizations. Advantages of cross function co-ordination are as follow:


1. Production

2. Marketing

3. Finance

4. Human resources.

Question 2 (B)


A loop is a programming function that iterates a statement or condition based on specified boundaries. The loop function uses almost identical logic and syntax in all programming languages. We can use different steps in an organization that are as follow:

1. Produce.

2. Execute.

3. Run.

4. Test.

5. Result.

6. Feedback


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