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CS507 Assignment No 03 Fall 2019 Solution & Discussion

1 Question No 1: (10 Marks)

1.1 Using a suitable design tool for CBIS, Draw a diagram for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of a typical medical clinic focusing only on new patient visit.

The diagram should cover the followings,

         a) The steps that a Patient has to follow

         b) Corresponding actions from hospital staff

         c) Actions of doctor(s)

         d) Required information particulars at either of patient, staff or doctor can be ignored.

1.2 What is the name the SDLC tool used to solve Question 1.1? Write at least three characteristics of the design tool.

2 Question No 2: (10 Marks)

2.1 What SDLC design tool can be used to describe different stockholders/components, their types and characteristics, their relationships, in the scenario given in question 1?

2.2 Draw a suitable diagram that can help database designers to propose a database design for the given scenario.

2.3 Write at least five building blocks of the selected tool used to solve question 2.1.

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Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

Students having same subject can start discussion here to solve assignment, GDB & Quiz and can clear their concepts until solution is provided. 


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SOLUTION Assignment No. 3 (CS507 - Information System) Fall 2019

CS507 Assignment No 03 Solution fall 2019

below link

plz share solution or start discussion 

which system will be used in it data flow ? or what 

i can solve it if i know which cbis will be used in it

CS507 ASSIGNMENT NO 2 Fall 2019
Answer No.1:
How decision support system helps to organization:
Helps in Decision Making.
Decision support systems (DSS) are interactive software-based systems intended to help managers in decision-making by accessing large volumes of information generated from various related information systems involved in organizational business processes, such as office automation system, transaction processing system,
Enhance effectiveness.
A second category of advantage that has been widely discussed and examined is improved decision making effectiveness and better decisions. Decision quality and decision making effectiveness are however hard to document and measure. Most researches have examined soft measures like perceived decision quality rather than objective measures. Advocates of building data warehouses identify the possibility of more and better analysis that can improve decision making.
Improve interpersonal communication.
DSS can improve communication and collaboration among decision makers. In appropriate circumstances, communications- driven and group DSS have had this impact. Model-driven DSS provides a means for sharing facts and assumptions. Data-driven DSS make "one version of the truth" about company operations available to managers and hence can encourage fact-based decision making. Improved data accessibility is often a major motivation for building a data-driven DSS. This advantage has not been adequately demonstrated for most types of DSS.
Competitive advantage.
Vendors frequently cite this advantage for business intelligence systems, performance management systems, and web-based DSS. Although it is possible to gain a competitive advantage from computerized decision support, this is not a likely outcome. Vendors routinely sell the same product to competitors and even help with the installation. Organizations are most likely to gain this advantage from novel, high risk, enterprise-wide, inward facing decision support systems. Measuring this is and will continue to be difficult.

Identify the techniques & DSS model in each of the following example scenario
What would happen to sale when you cut down advertising cost 20 %
What if analysis
Model Driven Model
Increase the cost of advertisement until sale reach to $ 2 million
Goal Analysis
Model Driven Model
Find out about this year revenue in compare to previous year
Data Mining
Data Driven Model
Past admission analysis using exploration of data and discovering features and pattern
Data Mining
Data Driven Model
To receive 950 dollars what number of item must be solved at the cost of 10$
Data Mining
Model Driven Model
What is the prediction on sale of next year
Data Mining
Data Driven Model

Question no 2:
Identify the type of information system or related sub system that describe the following scenario
Management information system to measure the success of your client with your product service
Content Management System used to manage contacts, forecast and generate reports for sale
Management information system that maintain the correct amount of inventory and notify when under stockage occur.
Management information system that guaranteed that produced or completed material shipped to the consumer complies with the company’s quality standards
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM used to notify the customers about product recommendation based on the previous order
Material requirement planning system Tracks the whole conversion process of raw material into the finished goods

Three point between project life cycle and software development life cycle (SDLC)
PDLC is defined as a process that is responsible for bringing to market a new product and generally includes the business units.
SDLC on the other hand, is used for developing particular software products. SDLC is primarily aimed at solving a specific software problem that may arise.
PDLC Phases Are As Follows
Idea generation and screening

SDLC Phases Are As Follows
Requirements gathering or analyzing user requirements
Designing the program
Coding the program
Documentation and testing of the system

The project lifecycle concerns itself more with the planning and user facing aspects such as Plan, Execute, QA, UAT, Go Live!
The SDLC involves steps such as develop, build, test, and promote, debugging/fix.

Plzz anyone provide solution for this assignment

this is assignmentno 3 not 2 

apko mily to plzz send me 

this is assignment 3 not 22222222222222222222222222222222

3rd assignmt solution cs507 plzzz send me share it 

plz  solution or start discussion 

Plz provide Solution Assignment 3


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