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Information Systems CS507, Assignment No. 01 For Spring 2015 Due Date: 22-05-2015

Assignment No. 01
Spring 2015
Information Systems CS507

Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 22-05-2015

Objective: Practical understanding of Information Systems
Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:
 Assignment should be submitted on VU-LMS on or before the due date.
 Assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if it is copied (from other student or
internet) or submitted after due date.
 Assignment should be in Microsoft Word File.
 Assignment sent via Email will not be accepted.
 If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded.
For any query about the assignment, contact at
Computer applications are need of businesses to add great value in enhancing the business processes.
Lots of decisions are taken by each management level of the organization to look after day to day
business activities. Information systems are considered backbone of large organizations to run
business smoothly and survive in this competitive mark. You are required to visit an organization or
search through internet to answer following questions.
1. Write student id and student name.
2. Name and introduction of organization which have implemented information systems.
3. Why this organization is using information system?
4. How information system adds value into their business?
5. Explain components of information system being used in that organization.
6. What kind of reports are being generated and how these reports are helpful for this
7. What types of software and database technologies are being used?
8. Elaborate key challenges of company which are being overcome with the help of information
9. Explain the hierarchy of staff which is handling information system in that organization.
Note: Answer must be short and precise. Copied answer through any source will get zero marks.
Moreover, a good assignment submitted by the student will be declared as excellent and will be

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Replies to This Discussion

          components of information system

  • Hardware- these are the devices like the monitor, processor, printer and keyboard, all of which work together to accept, process, show data and information.
  • Software- are the programs that allow the hardware to process the data.
  • Databases- are the gathering of associated files or tables containing related data.
  • Networks- are a connecting system that allows diverse computers to distribute resources.
  • Procedures- are the commands for combining the components above to process information and produce the preferred output.

components of information system

Computer hardware
Computer software
Databases and data warehouses

What kind of reports are being generated 

human resources management

purchases and supplies chain management

it is vary according to nature of business


hmmmm....Good M. Asif .... very nice effort... But in case of hierarchy, I think you should explain the whole hierarchy by & by like 1st Accounts Assistant feed, then Accountant over see the working of Assistant and  generates report up to Trial balance and then finally Manager Accounts finalized the Income Statement & Balance Sheet... I think this way is correct. What do you say???

Adeel bhai Question ye ha ka "hierarchy of staff which is handling information system"

information system (IS) ak department hota ha jo kesi b organization m information system ko handle karta ha us ko IT ya MIS b khtay hn, ye is department ki hierarchy ka baray m Question puch ja raha ha.

other all departments like Accounts, HR, etc are the user of the information system. 

Dear Students Don’t wait for solution post your problems here and discuss ... after discussion a perfect solution will come in a result. So, Start it now, replies here give your comments according to your knowledge and understandings....

Practical understanding about the Information Systems

plz ap bta skte hain kin kin organizations mai IS use ho raha hai ? any examples 

by Muhammad Asif 

Q3. Why this organization is using information system?




1: To provide “Excellent service and economically price” is the motto of our business

2: for the running of Business activities smoothly

3: Provide any reports according to the requirement

4: checking for all necessary old Data


Q4.How information system adds value into their



1: Because modern system is very fast then Old system

2: Implementation of the Rules & regulations

3: To get more Advantage for the benefit of the Company



Q5: Explain components of information system being used in that organization


1: Labeling Systems

2: Navigation Systems

3: Searching Systems

These are the some systems that can be used by the company for the purpose of an Encoding or for the Decoding of the important message or information.

Thanks for sharing. 

Elaborate key challenges of company which are being overcome with the help of information System.

avoid wrong decision

more ideas

effective for process control

reduction of the cost

control the mistakes and error

financial decision

proper record keeping 


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