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1. According to Casper Jones’s method of language evaluation, the “Assembly” programming language is at Level-1 and C++ is at Level-6. You need to write how and why languages level effect productivity of any software development? [Marks 10]



2. Write a short program in SNOBOL that calculate the sum of all even integers from 1 to 100. [Marks 10]


Hints: You should use loop for multiple iterations of addition. GOTO statement and labels can be used to design a loop of your requirement.


Assignment Submission Instructions:

You are required to write SNOBOL program in text file and test it by running it. After you make sure that program is working fine according to requirements, copy the code and paste in MS Word file. Both Question-1 and Question-2 should be in a single MS word file. Then upload that single MS word file through your LMS account.

Please note that due date of assignment will not extend, so do not wait for last date and submit your solution as quickly as possible.

Due Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016.

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Koi to solution upload ker de aj extend day hai.

                            ASSIGNMENT NO 1 SOLUTION




N = 1

SUM = 0


  Reminder = REMDR (N, 2)

EQ (reminder, 0)   : F (GO)



      N= N+1

LE(N, 100)  : S (LOOP)

OUTPUT = ‘Sum of first 100 even num’SUM


Sol no 1 ?

Idea Solution of Question 1 is :

The correlation between the level of a language and development productivity is not linear. For most large software projects, coding amounts to only about 30 percent of the effort.

Assume a program is written in a language that is twice the level of a similar program, for instance level 6 versus level 3. In this example, the coding effort might be reduced by 50 percent. But the total project might be improved by only 15 percent, since coding only comprised 30 percent of the original effort. Double the level of the language again to a level 12. That will only give an additional 7.5 percent net savings. Once again, coding is halved. But coding is not a major factor for very high level languages.

More accurate economic productivity rates can be gained by examining the average monthly Function Point production rates associated with various language . Enjoy (Y) 



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