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Assignment No. 01 Semester: FALL 2017 Modern programming Languages – CS508 Due Date: 11th Nov, 2017, Total Marks: 20

Question No 1:
Fortran is a general-purpose imperative programming language that is especially suited
to numeric computation and scientific computing. It is a popular language for highperformance computing and is used for programs that rank the world's fastest supercomputers.
It encompasses a lineage of versions, each of which evolved to add extensions to the language
while usually retaining compatibility with prior versions.
For given features, Identify versions of FORTRAN in which these features were introduced for
first time. Against correct option, fill row with “Yes” or “True”.
5 Marks
Note: “Seven Ages of FORTRAN “review paper by “Michael Metcalf” is attached. Read it for
comparison of different versions and attempt question.

Feature FORTAN
1 Structured Programming
2 Pointers
3 Array Programming
4 Inheritance/Polymorphism
5 Logic IF
6 31 Characters Identifier
8 Object Oriented
9 BLOCK construct
10 Operator Overloading

Question No .2
LISP was thought to be good language for development in field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).It was
expressive enough for fundamentals of computation. It quickly became the favored programming
language for artificial intelligence (AI) research

(a) What was reasoning for this?
Preference of LISP for AI (Artificial Intelligence) lessened with passage of time. Other languages also
started being used for different domains of AI manipulation. Suppose a research scientist is going to
write a thesis. His research area is online education mining. He took data of an Online Learning
Management System. He wants to do deep analysis of students’ performance .Different mining
algorithms like Neural Networks will be used for analysis of data.
Which Programming language is better LISP or C++ or MATLAB in current paradigm?
(b) List 3 solid reasons in support of better language choice.

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Replies to This Discussion

@YUNEEB yrr 2nd question share krna

Sir Question 2 (b) part Spell Mistake Ha Kafi us M

delocate your own memory

According to Peter Nornig the famous computer

Delocate ot Noring ka Smjh Ni Ara Plz Sae Word Bta Dy



LISP consider favourite programming language for AI because of
its excellent prototyping capabilities and its support for symbolic
expressions. According to Peter Norming the famous computer
scientist LISP offered multiple set of features including easy
dynamic creation of new objects, a library of collection types,
including dynamica|Iy—sized ists and hash tables, LISP also has
automatic garbage collection etc.

(b) :

Choosing a programming language for your AI project depends
heavily on the sub field. If we compare all three given languages
we find LISP is the best language for given scenario because
LISP was the early language that is used for AI all other
languages who support AI in these days had inhent same
features from LISP. MATLAB IS a proprietary programming
language that is primarily intended for numerical computations
and C++ is the fastest programming language in the world but C
++ is designed as a low level interface programming language.
LISP has automatic garbage collection but C++ asks you to
deallocate your own memory.

thanks u all..
great work
well done

2nd assignment bana li ????


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