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Assignment No. 02 Semester: Spring 2014 Modern Programming Languages (CS508) | Due Date: 28/05/2014

Assignment No. 02
Semester: Spring 2014
Modern Programming Languages  (CS508)


Total Marks: 20


Due Date:  28/05/2014



Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:


  • You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS.
  • Assignment should be completed by your own efforts it should not be copied from internet, handouts or books.
  • You should submit your MS Word File via assignment interface at VU-LMS.
  • Assignment sent via Email will not be replied and accepted/graded in any case.
  • If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded.
  • You will submit solution only in Microsoft Word File.




To understand and familiarize with ADA Language.



For any query about the assignment, contact at or through MDB.

Assignment Questions



                       Marks 10     


To find the area of a sphere we use following formula  

Write a complete program in Ada to solve this formula. Note that each mathematical operator (such as multiplication and division) should be solved in a separate subprogram.


In the main program you will use 7 as the value of r.

Your program will display the final result and your VU student id.


Hint : You need to solve equation (4 / 3  ) *( 3.14 * r * r *r)



Question                                                                                                                               Marks 10     


You will go to page


Paste you code written in the Question 1 in right hand pan and press Compile & Execute button, then you will take screen shot of the output and paste in your solution file.  As shown below






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Replies to This Discussion

Muhammad Junaid Arshad, What is the procedures and how to use them? Please explain and give us code with thanks....time is very short

ap ne function kaisae banaye hain ?

procedure se ya phir package se ??

with Ada.Text_IO;with Ada.Integer_Text_IO; with Ada.Float_Text_IO;
use Ada.Text_IO;use Ada.Integer_Text_IO;use Ada.Float_Text_IO;

procedure find is

    var1 : Float := 4.0;
    var2 : Float := 3.0;
    var3 : Float := 7.0;
    var4 : Float := 3.14;
    var5 : Float;
    var6 : Float;
    var7 : Float;

    function number_division(var1, var2 : Float) return FLOAT;
    function number_division(var1, var2 : Float) return FLOAT is
        var5:= var1/ var2;
        return var5;
    end number_division;

    function number_multiplication (var3, var4, var5 : FLOAT) return FLOAT;
    function number_multiplication (var3, var4, var5 : FLOAT) return FLOAT is
        var6 := var3 * var3 * var3;
        var6 := var6 * var4 * var5;
        return var6;
    end number_multiplication;

    put("ID: BC100200944");

    var5 := number_division(var1, var2);
    var6 := number_multiplication (var3, var4, var5);
    put("The Result is: ");
    var7 := var5 * var6;
end find;

NOTE: i might have mixed the logic somewhere because the answer is not correct, please correct the logic

anyway the functions will be used just like i have wrote in my code...

Good Luck...

:( mera ye error aa raha hai

Error - At least one procedure is required in main file

do u know keh kia problem ahi ?

ahhhh finally got mine :) Allhamdulillah :)

Muhammad Junaid Arshad

i think we have to pass value "7" in main.

Ap ne r ki value initialize ki hui hai, see this: In the main program you will use 7 as the value of r.

your error means that you must write code inside the 'procedure' it is like 'main' in C...

@ this is just an idea how to use the functions...


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