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Plz tell me mcqs was from which file

  1. Make rules for the facts to be true: sisters (Ayesha, Zahra)    Prolog
  2. What does the Grandparent (X,Y,Z) : parent(X,Y),Parent(X,Y) Prolog
  3. Design issue in naming       (Last lectures 39-45)
  4. Is there a compatibility issue of different browser on PHP side?  PHP
  5. Categorize the following java variable and function into Primitive & reference:
    1. Long
    2. byte
    3. array
    4. class
    5. struct
  6. Stack-Dynamic arrays and give example.
  7. How arrays in C# and Java are same?
  8. How C# is different from Java?

My  today paper of cs508 on 2/3/2016 2:00PM

Paper was too much difficult, mcqs are few from past papers, majority were new and conceptual, I thought subject will about writing programs but it was all theory, bad luck L Pray for my paper..  

remember me in prayers.. questions of my paper are as below:


1)      Write design choices for formal and real arguments of functions? (3 marks)

2)      How C++ and C# are different with respect of enumeration? Give example. (3 marks)

3)      How C++ and java are different with respect to memory allocation of objects? (5 marks)

4)      Write output of the following program: (concept of in operator, inheritance) (5 marks)

class Class1 {}

class Class2{}

class Class3 : Class2{}


Class ClassTest{

Test(object o){

if (o is Class1)

Console.Writeline(“o is Class1”);

else if (o is Class2)

Console.Writeline(“o is class2”);


Console.Writeline(“o is neither class1 nor class2”);



static void Main() {

Class1 c1;

Class2 c2;

Class c3;




Test(“ a string”);



5) Difference between implicit and explicit conversation. (3 marks)

6) Java scripting is a object oriented language. Write types of its objects? (3 marks)

7) Solve the following by Backward chaining and forward chaining also tell which on is more efficient? (5 marks)

 X: Y , Z


8) how is the execution of follow query in database will be true? (2 marks)

Father(bob, john);

9) if we change the arrangement of loop in Pascal, is there  will be the effect on control? (2 marks)

10) what is the design issue of arithmetic expression in functions? (5 marks)

paper boht tough tha Questions mujhe yad nhi hardly 10,12 MCQ past main sy hongy ek b question Current or past sy nhi aya   mene to bs bongiyan hi mari hain  

subjective main Prolog, C#, Java, PHP, JS ye topics thay  Handouts read k jana bachoo BEST OF LUCK! 

plz koi cs508 final moaaz file to sbmit kr dy

Today, first session:

Paper was totally different. MCQ's were new....


  • The code was given to make an array copy, it was asked to find and correct problem?
  • Differentiate between case sensitive and non case sensitive languages(All handouts languages were given)?
  • A question related to ordinal? 
  • Write a php program which'll create array "num_values" and will store 5 multiple of 2?

Best of Luck!

Atlas Gondal thanks for sharing 

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