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CS508 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2016 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 25 February 2017 to 08 March 2017

CS508 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2016 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 25 February 2017 to 08 March 2017

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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks



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Short questions with answers. 


amin jan thanks 

Friends this is my today paper Qs,

please must go through with it before sitting in your upcoming session,

bst f luck to all 

hv a bless day ,


Suny Pome thanks for sharing 

its not solved.......ksi fill in blanks ka ans ni mil rha kahi sy bb

CS508 Current Final Term Papers In ONE thread 25-feb-2017 to 8 march 2017

Share by Student.

Should the name of the class and the name of the file in which it is saved need to match up in case of c#. Justify your answer.
What was the primary role behind the development of programming language like php?
Write a prolog fact for the following statement 
“The empty set is the subset of every set”
Identify the approach used in the following record definition system.
How is dynamic binding in java different from C++?
Explain stack dynamic type of array with two examples.
Describe a character array of size 5 in Java also write down the default initial value that will be assigned to each element of an array when no initial value is assigned.
How can we define many variables at once in Java Script variables with two examples?
Point out the design issues of counted controlled loop with three examples.
Suppose you are writing a program for some gaming application in java you need to use arrays data structure to store some values. What basic steps will be taken for array manipulation in Java with two examples? 
Write a code snipped in C# to print character of vowel array using foreach loop.

Today was my paper.

Only 15% MCQ'S from past papers 85% conceptual 

3 long question From coding

How many typing method in Java ?

One was from Prolog languge ,  Relation and facts

How many types of constants ?

Write special atoms ?

Read your handout from 22 to 39.  Mostly questions are from there. 

Best of luck for your paper. 


amin jan thanks for sharing 

With programming in ________ we state what and not how.

___________ support array with built in bounds checking.

When the type is fixed before run time then this is called as__________.

FORTRAN , PL 1 and BASIC language provide_________________

If type binding is dynamic then _____________must be dynamic.

If type binding is dynamic then _____________must be dynamic.

When the type is fixed before run time then this is called as__________.

Dangling pointer errors in Java reduce the language ________ .

There is no arithmetic expression precedence rule in _________

In Java the arithmetic expression evaluation order is always from _______

We cannot pass array in _____ by value as it has no fix size. But it has fixed size in structure.

In C programming language array is passed by_____________.

Java supports _______ programming paradigm.

In Java Explicit conversions are done through _______.

The earliest form of a computer language was _______ motion.

Prolog database is based upon __________.

From the given code snippet in C#, find out whether aliasing problem will arise or not? Justify your answer with valid reasons.
object studentcs = new object();
studentcs.id = 123;
object studentbba = studentcs;
studentbba.id = 204;

Find out whether there is an error or not in the given C# program. If there is an error give reason.
Using System;
class Addition
int a, b;
public Addition (int a, int b)
this.a = a;
this.b = b;
public void Add()
a = 6;
b = 7;
private readonly int a, b;
public static void Main()
Addition addi=new Addition(4,6);

Explain problem with Functional Side Effects which occurs in arithmetic expressions.

Note: Use of same example given in handouts is not allowed.

Suppose there is a function append() in prolog. This function can take 3 arguments. The first two arguments are list and the third argument is a variable which is assigned a value after appending second argument at the end of first argument. Consider the following queries and write down the outputs of them.
?- combine([a, b,c],[1,2,3],X).
?- combine([foo,bar,yip,yup], [glub,glab,glib,glob], Result).
?- combine([], [1, 2, 3], Z).
?- combine(combine([ali, is],[a, good], X), [boy, *], Y).

What will be the output of the following C# code?
using System;
public class HelloWorld
    public static void Main()
string s1 = "hello";
string s2 = s1;
s1 = “world”;

In how many ways the static type binding is performed? Briefly define each.

Write the resultant output of the following Php code.
$a = ‘hello’;
$$a = 'world';
echo "$a ${$a}“;

Suppose you have to select heads from the following lists of members. Use prolog’s list head and tail concept to do this.
[Ali, | [Saad, Sana, Haadi] ]
[Suleman, Arshad, | [Akbar, Aliya, Sara] ]
[Aneela, Ainie, Fahad, Jibran | [] ]

Identify error in the following JavaScript statement and also write corrected statement.

x=x+1 alert(x)

Consider the following
short int num= 50000;
Which type of run-time error will occur in this case? Justify your answer.

How C# char is different from C++ char? Give two reasons.

Write vowel predicate in prolog which has vowel letters list as an argument.

Arrays in PHP are not like C/C++ arrays but they are ________.

Symbolic expression in LISP is a form of ______

In JavaScript navigator is a ________object.

The document object model in Java Script include the features and issues of __________.

In JavaScript ________operator is used for concatenation.

Expert system___________ provide a structure to design expert system.

_________ operator in Prolog is used for List construction and also for List dismantling.

________operator is used to return a reference from a function in PHP.

In php foreach statement works only on ________.

PHP syntax look like ____________.

_________is more strongly typed language then _________.

Each Thread has its own set of _______and ___________.

Every class in Java is part of some ________.

In LISP there is no concept of _______ .

List in LISP is itself a _______.

___________ may also change global variable as a side effect.

Random number generation with strict requirements is available in _______.

Which statement is true about SNOBOL?

In Ada all pointers are initialized to __________.

____________ is the correct size of a Decimal datatype.

In C#, if you don't use new keyword, you must _______ all the values in the struct by hand before you use it.

In C#, reference type objects use memory of _________ data structure.

The inference mechanism is based upon _____________.
Prolog database is based upon __________.

The earliest form of a computer language was _______ motion.

Tariq sb konsi file sy ppr aa rahy hai...?

koi solved file e share kerdy koi bhai sb..

I suggest to all of your goodselves not to rely on past papers blindly. My papers was a disaster, I don't think anything came from any past paper, at least of what I studied. Almost rest of the papers was innovative and unseen as well as unexpected so please fly on your wings. Prepare well and go hard for it.


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