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Question No. 01:

  1. a.   Being a member of a software development team which requires developing software for defense organization, needing to run for more than 20 years. Which of the following programming language you will prefer? Justify your answer with solid arguments.                                                                         Marks: 04

i)                    SNOBAL

ii)                  Ada

iii)                FORTRAN


       b. Write the program in SNOBOL that outputs the square of numbers between 1 and 15.                Marks: 06


Question No. 02:

Ada is one of the strongest and standardized programming languages. Like C/C++, Ada also has rich set of   operators. Consider the following C++ code and write code in Ada programming language to get the similar results by using the same variables, loop etc.                                                                                                   Marks : 10




main (int argc, char *argv[])



    int n;

    int i=1;

   int fact=1;

 cout"please enter a number\n";




 return 1;




 fact= fact*i;



coutn"! ="fact; 






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Replies to This Discussion

Ada was designed for military projects and its programs are portable for embedded military quipment.

Adavantages of Ada 95:
Ada is one language, 
Ada includes tasking as a part of the language.
Ada has stronger typing.
Ada provides better control over procedure parameter access modes.
Ada includes modules.
Ada is more portable 
Ada has no equivalent to Pascal's "with" statement (if you've maintained a
lot of Pascal code, you know why this is an advantage).
Since Ada was mandated by the DOD a continued presence is assured.
Ada includes machine representation clauses.

Most of the features (except stronger typing) that are available in Ada are
available in one way or another in various dialects of Pascal. They are
just not portable and often awkward.

Ada is a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications – and embedded systems in particular – where safety and security are essential.


koi second question ka idea b share kr dy 

Haya read kar lo

In Ada, there are two types of subprograms: procedures and functions. Unlike C, we can
also have nesting of subprograms. A subprogram defined inside another subprogram an
be used by its parent, children, or sibling subprograms only.
This is demonstrated in the following example:
Procedure My_procedure(x, y : IN OUT integer) is

function aux_func(a : Integer) return integer is
Temp : float;

return integer(temp) * a; -- retrun temp * a is not allowed
end aux_func;

begin -- begin of My_procedure


end My_procedure;

koi to send kar da solution

I cant solve the quetion 2 any one plz help 

share the code today is extend day 

Here is a simple SNOBOL4 program to add the integers between 1 and 1000:

                sum = 0           
term = 1
loop sum = sum + term
term = term + 1
LE(term,1000) :s(loop)
OUTPUT = "The sum is " sum

2nd question 


i complete my assignment   

thanks bro.. i completed  2nd q part 2 just few minites ago.. just thori si changes karni thi.. :)

welcome bro


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