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Assignment Questions


Question # 1                                                                                                                               Marks 5     


How can we avoid Aliasing Problems in Java, provide a code example. Keep your answer to the point.


Question # 2                                                                                                                              Marks 10     


You will write a simple Java code that will demonstrate working of threads. You will write two classes, one and 2nd one will be will extend the thread class. In run method, your thread will display its name and number of milliseconds (0 to 5000) it will sleep for. And then it will sleep randomly for 1 to 5000 milliseconds. Once thread has finished it will display its name and message that it has finished. One thread will sleep 5 times before ending.


In, you will create 3 threads of SimpleThread  and will run them. Name of the first thread will be your name, name of second thread will be your VU student id, and name of 3rd thread will be VU.


Here is the sample output of the code that you will write




1) No need to send the java/class files, put code in word file along with answer of the first question.

2) For question number one you can search over the internet. But do not copy paste the contents as it is , use your own words.


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Replies to This Discussion

1st question was 2 times already shared in this thread.

fellows at least read first.

Little Chef thanks 

Little Chef plz share Q#I here again.......................bohat maharbani ho gi  aur abi b ye errors aya rahay hain plz help me ......

sir ni ho rahi tab b run plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time kam ha help me

ma nay type kia ha    javac  phr ma nay type kia ha javac  aur phr javac CS508 lakin error aya rahay hain

you are right same error mairy pass b aa raha ha

sir os nay kaha hoa ha Question may How can we avoid Aliasing Problems in Java lakin yahan aap  use of Aliasing bata rahay hain is code may


Aliasing means that more than one reference is tied to the same object, as in the preceding example. The problem with aliasing occurs when someonewrites to that object. If the owners of the other references aren’t expecting that object to change, they’ll be surprised. This can be demonstrated with a simple example:


// Aliasing two references to one object.

import com.bruceeckel.simpletest.*;

public class Alias1 {

private static Test monitor = new Test();

private int i;

public Alias1(int ii) { i = ii; }

public static void main(String[] args) {

Alias1 x = new Alias1(7);

Alias1 y = x; // Assign the reference

System.out.println("x: " + x.i);

System.out.println("y: " + y.i);

System.out.println("Incrementing x");


System.out.println("x: " + x.i);

System.out.println("y: " + y.i);

monitor.expect(new String[] {

"x: 7",

"y: 7",

"Incrementing x",

"x: 8",

"y: 8"



} ///:~

In the line:

Alias1 y = x; // Assign the reference

a new Alias1 reference is created, but instead of being assigned to a fresh object created with new, it’s assigned to an existing reference. So the contents of reference x, which is the address of the object x is pointing to, is assigned to y, and thus both x and y are attached to the same object. So when x’s i is incremented in the statement:


y’s i will be affected as well. This can be seen in the output:

x: 7

y: 7

Incrementing x

x: 8

y: 8

copied from " " 

and still i am not able to write a reason that how could we avoid aliasing problem in java and ... :/

sir os nay kaha hoa ha Question may How can we avoid Aliasing Problems in Java lakin yahan aap  use of Aliasing bata rahay hain is code may

sny2ksa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz agar aap nay bana li ha tu help me .... mari last 2 may be zero hain.....i am really sad ...


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